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Flor Moyano was blunt after the resignation of her lawyer in the case against Juan Martino: “My priority is to get ahead”


Flor Moyano expressed on your official X account after the resignation of his lawyer Roberto Castillowho was working with her more than a year ago in the case against gender violence caused by Juan Martino, and she also decided to dedicate a few words to herself to gain courage in the moments to come.

In the midst of speculation and legal turbulence, Flor decided to break the silence on his X account, and stated: “I changed as a person, I closed stages to have peace of mind in my life, I learned to value my loneliness, I began to take care of my self-love and today nothing is the same as before, everything is different, everything changed. I learned to walk without expecting anything from others, I don’t go after anyone and I let whoever has to go go.”

Flor Moyano on the resignation of her lawyer
Flor Moyano on the resignation of her lawyer

For its part, and in the midst of uncertainty, Flor Moyano closed his post: “My priority is and will always be to get ahead, achieve my goals and improve myself more and more. “I don’t mind starting over, I’m going to do it as many times as necessary and I’m going to achieve it.”

What did Majo Martino say after the resignation of Flor Moyano’s lawyer?

Majo Martino echoed on the networks after learning of the resignation of Roberto Castillo, who was Flor Moyano’s lawyer, and on his official x account he published: “What a relief it is when the truth comes to light!”

It’s been more than a year since Nice He has been defending his brother tooth and nail, and that is how he showed his happiness in his X account. Now, he must wait for the accuser to hire a new lawyer to continue with the trial.

What happened to Flor Moyano’s lawyer?

Flor Moyano is going through a judicial period after denouncing abuse against Juan Martino in his passage through The Celebrity Hotel 2 (The thirteen). However, he has suffered a severe blow after his lawyer has disassociated herself from the case.

The person in charge of breaking the news was Doctor Roberto Castillowho announced on his account x (ex Twitter): “As of today, I stop representing Florencia Moyano in the accusation of Abuse against Juan Martino. “I communicated my decision to her several days ago and waited the necessary time so that she could hire another lawyer to assist her during the process.”

Flor Moyano's lawyer resigned
Flor Moyano’s lawyer resigned

Faced with the various speculations that began to arise as a result of this decision, the lawyer decided to attend Intruders (America) to explain how the events occurred: “We closed the link this morning, she told me that she got a lawyer, so I decided to disassociate myself and send the resignation. What sustains a bond between your lawyer and your client is trust, in the writing I explained that there was a loss of trust on both sides due to issues unrelated to the process.“.

“The demonstration arose from me towards her, I explained what the reasons were and, from there, we gave a reasonable amount of time for her to seek other representation and for me to disassociate myself from the process. I am not going to be the lawyer who speaks badly or leaves Florencia in a bad light, I gave everything I could to the process, I accompanied her in the best way and, for a matter of trust unrelated to procedural issues, I am notifying you that I am not going to continue with the representation,” he said.

In any case, the influencer Flor Moyano He did not speak through any of his networks, so only the lawyer’s version of the events against the case is known. Juan Martino. In addition, confirmed that his replacement is Rodrigo Tripolone.

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