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Flor Moyano’s lawyer resigned from being her representative in the case against Juan Martino


Flor Moyano is going through a judicial period after denouncing abuse against Juan Martino in his passage through The Celebrity Hotel 2 (The thirteen). However, he has suffered a severe blow after his lawyer has disassociated herself from the case.

The person in charge of breaking the news was Doctor Roberto Castillowho announced on his account x (ex Twitter): “As of today, I stop representing Florencia Moyano in the accusation of Abuse against Juan Martino. “I communicated my decision to her several days ago and waited the necessary time so that she could hire another lawyer to assist her during the process.”

Flor Moyano's lawyer resigned
Flor Moyano’s lawyer resigned

Faced with the various speculations that began to arise as a result of this decision, the lawyer decided to attend Intruders (America) to explain how the events occurred: “We closed the link this morning, she told me that she had gotten a lawyer, so I decided to disassociate myself and send the resignation. What sustains a bond between your lawyer and your client is trust, in the writing I explained that there was a loss of trust on both sides due to issues unrelated to the process.“.

“The demonstration arose from me towards her, I explained what the reasons were and, from there, we gave a reasonable amount of time for her to seek other representation and for me to disassociate myself from the process. I am not going to be the lawyer who speaks badly or leaves Florencia in a bad light, I gave everything I could to the process, I accompanied her in the best way and, for a matter of trust unrelated to procedural issues, I am notifying you that I am not going to continue with the representation,” he said.

In any case, the influencer Flor Moyano did not speak through any of her networks, so only the lawyer’s version of the events is known. In addition, confirmed that his replacement is Rodrigo Tripolone.

El Chino Leunis broke the silence on Flor Moyano’s complaint to Juan Martino

He Chinese Leunis broke the silence in Not very correct (El Trece) about the claim for sexual abuse that he made Flor Moyano to Juan Martinofollowing what happened in The Celebrity Hotel 2 (The thirteen).

The host opened the evening cycle with his extensive point of view of what happened in the cycle he led last year, after Martino revived the issue publicly this week by speaking for the first time in Intruders (America TV): “You know that I have been the driver of The Famous Hotel from both season 1 and season 2, and the second season had a situation that was really very unfortunate, very unpleasant, very sad, that clearly managed to take absolutely everything“.

Leunis He was affected by having had to be part of a project that was marred by a complaint as serious as that of Moyano: “I want to say with this, that the memory I have of the second season of the The hotelit is very painful for me… We are talking about a situation of abuse, which is a situation that we do not wish on anyone, and that one has to pay a lot of attention when a person feels that they have been abused“.

What I want to tell all of you, that during the recording of the The Famous Hotel, this was not the expression that was going around. The expression ‘I have been raped’, like what Flor Moyano said these days…“added the Chinese, in reference to the fact that the artist had only spoken of a “discomfort” when she asked that Martino was removed from production.

Leunis He assured that the feeling that the situation has left him is not pleasant: “This really makes me feel very distressed and I am really trying to find the words, and frankly I ask God to put the right words in my mouth so that I can talk about this topic and so that I can convey to you how we all feel… The idea is to find the truth, without hurting anyone and to be able to shed light on places where there is no light, where one does not know what happened and how it happened.”

I had never talked about it, because it is a topic that really affects me a lot. At the moment this happened, at the moment this came to light, I had a very bad time… But I want to tell you that it was a very unpleasant situation because some said that we had been complicit. I would never endorse a situation like that.It seems ridiculous to me to have to clarify it and I don’t put myself as a victim, but I swear to you that There were nights when I couldn’t sleep. “I don’t like that a situation like this happens in a universe in which I am a part,” he concluded. The Chinese Leunis.


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