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Flor Vigna confirmed that Luciano Castro began talking to Griselda Siciliani while they were in a relationship


Vigna Flower He spoke again about his ex-partner’s relationship Luciano Castro and Griselda Siciliani after She implied, in an interview, that The actors started talking to each other while they were still together..

For this reason, in a note with Show Partners (El Trece), the chronicler asked him: “How did you take finding out about Luciano’s new relationship? You said that he had sent some shit and everything began to point to the closing date that you had with the beginning of his relationship with Griselda”.

However, at first, he did not want to provide many details: “Yes, that’s it. I’m not going to talk about it. It didn’t surprise me. I spoke with Lucho a little while ago and I really want the new thing to begin and leave this chapter behind. If it were up to me I would stay locked in my house because I can’t talk about this chapter, I even canceled a lot of notes. “I know it’s good to keep all the good things you’ve experienced and know that something better is going to come, life has those strange turns.”

But, finally, Florencia exposed that Luciano Castro began to have an approach with Griselda Siciliani while they were in a relationship: “Yes, the messages existed before. And we had had a crisis because of that. Full stop. It was all more complex and I prefer to keep it to myself.”

What Flor Vigna had said about the beginning of the relationship between Luciano Castro and Griselda Siciliani

Flor Vigna spoke about Luciano Castro after their separation and implied that he was unfaithful with Griselda Siciliani.

The singer spoke with Hector Maugeri for the cycle +Faces and when the journalist asked her if it was true that Luciano called her to tell her that he was having a relationship with Griselda, she shot: “Things didn’t go very well for him, poor thing. He sent some shit… but everything verifies that my story with him had to end“.

“He did it as best he could, in love that happens a lot, that things are not in the best possible way, they are as they can be. And life has uncomfortable ways of inviting you to the second level,” Vigna analyzed.

At the same time, in dialogue with Alejandro Guatti for Intruders (America TV)the dancer detailed: “I found out in another way, she asked me for forgiveness for everything, to err is human and to forgive is divine.. “A lot of things happened and it seems to me that the smartest thing is to keep them private.”

“Lu, whenever someone is sent, tells the truth and knows how to ask for forgiveness,” he highlighted. Regarding Griselda’s alleged messages to Luciano, Vigna Flower stated: “You should never fall for the mine but for your partnerwhether or not he responds to that… Everything happens for a reason.


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