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Flor Vigna opened up about the romance of Luciano Castro and Griselda Siciliani: “I love her”


Florence Vigna spoke of the surprise courtship of Luciano Castro, his ex, and Griselda Sicilianiafter the couple confirmed their relationship in different media.

“I wish her the best, I loved her very much and I love her as an artist and as a woman”said Flor Vigna in conversation with Majo Vitale for Ciudad Magazine, praising Siciliani. And she added: “What I want most is for the soap opera to end and for us all to be happy.”said the dancer and singer who was in a relationship with Castro for almost three years.

Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro
Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro

Recently, Vigna spoke with Intruders (America) about how his relationship with Castro remained after the separation. “I think it was about five or six months and whenever we talk we do it out of affection and how nice it was to live those three years together,” she said. “The truth is that it was a beautiful love, so when we got together to return things to each other, it was a kind of thanking each other, and crying together; but knowing that the romantic and the sexual are left out,” she said on the Flor de la V program. However, she stated: “I don’t believe in the friendship of exes, but I do believe in a good relationship”.

“I don’t dare to tell everyone why I separated. I can say that I loved him very much and sometimes you have to understand that to love is to let go,” he concluded then.

Are Luciano Castro and Griselda Siciliani together?

Luciano Castro and Griselda Siciliani whitewashed their romance. After the word of the actress, who avoided giving details but assured that they are both very well, it was the actor who responded to the questions about their relationship.

Invited to Al Dente Night (América TV), told how the relationship with the actress, Adrián Suar’s ex, began. “We met again on Carla Peterson’s birthday and she decided to go to dinnerbut we have been friends for years and getting to know each other. She’s not just another girl, I really like La Tana“he commented.

“It’s not the same talk as when we were in our twenties. Life passed us both by. Then we met La Tana as children, something we had never talked about. It became something very nice and I repeat. I really like La Tana“, said.

What Sabrina Rojas said about the romance of Luciano Castro and Griselda Siciliani

Sabrina Rojas He spoke about the romance of Luciano Castro and Griselda Siciliani, and assured that he already knew about it before it became public.

In dialogue with Santiago Sposato for LAM (América TV), the actress stated: “I’m interested in who my children are linked to, then who my children’s father dates… Florencia, Griselda or a kangaroo, it doesn’t matter to me.” same”.

I didn’t find out on TV, I knew it before. I don’t want to say since when because they are dates and things that the protagonists don’t say… As long as ‘the fat one’ is in family harmony, he can do what he wants with whoever he wants,” he continued.

“Likewise, Griselda is a person who, in general, everyone likes. I don’t know if you do too,” the chronicler wanted to know. “I don’t like him either good or bad, I don’t care. I had very little contact, but I did know that she is my ex’s ex, from many years ago… we have crossed paths. It seems that there was fire left in the ashes, let them revive them with love“, answered Sabrina Rojas.

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