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Florencia Peña repudiated the attitude of artists when they criticize the ideology of others


Florencia Pena referred to the different statements of the artists where they analyzed the mandate of Javier Mileiwhether against or for. Although he values ​​that they expose their ideology, he repudiates the fact that they do not respect when others do not think the same as them.

The actress is one of the celebrities who, throughout her career, has spoken the most about politics publicly, which generated a lot of criticism. For that reason, He spoke from his experience, and asked his colleagues to begin to respect when an artist’s thoughts do not coincide with theirs..

In this way, Flor decided to lead by example and that motivated her, weeks ago, defend his former castmate Guillermo Francella after she supported the current government, despite being on the opposite side of the street.

What Florencia Peña said about the ideological expression of artists

On this occasion, in dialogue with Pedro Rosemblat in Jellythe artist expressed her discontent: “Today things are not being done as I believe they should be done. I have to respect and I have to wait. “I didn’t vote for this government, but I can’t believe that I have the authority to say ‘you are all a bunch of nonsense’ because the only way I can express myself is from myself.”

Then, he exemplified: “I work with people who think differently, much more than with those who think the same as me. I have worked with Guille Francella for 1500 years and we love each other, we respect each other and we think opposite, but we can work well together. And it happens to me with Marley, it’s one of the things I have the most fun with in the world, we look like two stupid teenagers but every time we see each other they are the opposite of my thoughts, but we get along well.”

Marley and Florencia Peña
Marley and Florencia Peña

Thus, Flor Peña made a special request to the artists when expressing their political ideology: “It seems to me that we need to calm down, I calmed down, but I continue to say what I think”.

How Florencia Peña defended Guillermo Francella

The actress was invited to Golden Generationthe program of The Black Vernaci and Humberto Tortonese in Olgaand gave his opinion on the cruelty towards his colleague for his political stance.

Guille and I think differently. But I adore him, I have great affection for him. I talked to him these days about everything that was happening“, he stated Florencia Pena.

“And this thing that every actor who appeared on stage was asked what he thought of what Guillermo said… What he said was once and was replicated a thousand times. There was a cruelty in wanting us all to give our opinion on what the other says“, he analyzed.

But the focus does not have to be on what we think because we do not change people’s lives, I am not a civil servant and neither is he. We are diverting the focus, which is that the INCAA is closed at this moment, and we are dedicating ourselves to seeing who hits Guillermo or not. It’s not that way,” said the artist.

“Everyone can think what they want. I live with many people who are at the opposite end of my thinking, and I can not only work, I am a friend,” she added.


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