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Florencia Regidor and her harsh complaint to Nicolás Grosman after the departure of Coty Romero from Big Brother: “You told me three farting words”


Florence Regidor faced Nicolas Grosman in one of the rooms Big Brother (Telefe)since she did not like at all the attitude he had regarding the departure of Coty Romero.

The claim occurred since the member of “Los Bros” had a sincere farewell with Coty, that didn’t go down well Florence. That was why he had a scene of jealousy in the room in front of everyone.

She felt a kind of contempt, and she let him know it. Likewise, it is worth remembering that Florence He doesn’t want to know anything more with Nicholas since she feels that he had many twists and turns in the relationship they were forming.

Before leaving the house, Grosman He said goodbye to Coty with a big hug, and the words he said made everyone explode. Florencewho faced him, and said fiercely: “Wait for me outside, please don’t leave! When I was about to leave, you said 3 dirty words to me, literally.”

Florencia Regidor and her claim to Nicolás Grosman
Florencia Regidor and her claim to Nicolás Grosman (Telefe screenshot)

Finally, and after listening to Florence Regidor, Nicolas Grosman He looked at her and did not utter any type of word, beyond having left him exposed in front of his friends and allies within Big Brother (Telefe).

What happened to Florencia Regidor during her visit to the Gynecologist?

Florence Regidor relived the unusual moment he spent with the gynecologist at Big Brother (Telefe), and revealed the uncomfortable questions she asked him at the medical consultation. Zoe Bogach He was the one who listened attentively and she also revealed the doctor’s questions in the consultation.

While they were putting on makeup, they both told the story of the medical consultation they had. “I can’t believe I have a gynecologist today, I don’t even go home”began Florence. And continued: “He asked me if I had had sex, I told him no.”

Then, he detailed the question he asked him: “And he says ‘Ejaculation?’“. Later, the public relations student laughingly recounted the response she gave to the gynecologist.

For its part, Zoe Bogach He told about his moment with the doctor Florence Regidor: “Oh no, he asked me ‘Did you have sex in here?'”

And he remarked: “No! I have a boyfriend,’ I told him, and he replied: ‘but here in the Big Brother house it’s normal'”. There, she responded that he had a boyfriend and that she was not going to do anything at home to hurt him.

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