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Florencia Regidor and Lucía Maidana from Big Brother were seen kissing in a bowling alley and the video went viral


Florence Regidor and Lucia Maidana They starred in a viral moment on the networks, and broke with all speculation about a bad relationship between them due to the closeness they have with Nicolas Grosman of Big Brother (Telefe).

In the last few hours, the marketing student and partner of Nicowho was eliminated from the house a few weeks ago, was at the bowling alley with the woman from Salta and was caught on camera by a person who witnessed the moment. “Lucía and Flor, kissing in La Polenta”wrote whoever uploaded the material.

Besides, Lucy They showed on their networks that they did a preview at their house with all the former participants as they have become accustomed to since they left reality.

In the video, you can see the exact moment where they kiss, which could confirm that there is no conflict between them, despite the fact that it is rumored that at some point Lucy I was in love with Nicolas Grosman.

Notably, Florence Regidor He clarified that he will wait for Nicolas Grosman to continue getting to know each other outside the house, and everything will depend on what happens in the following weeks to know if your partner ends up being one of the finalists or is eliminated before the reality show.

Is Florencia Regidor pregnant?

Florence Regidor was submitted to questions from the panelists of the program To the Barbarossa (Telefe) about the blood tests that had to be done since I didn’t know if I was pregnant or not Nicolas Grosman in Big Brother (Telefe)and cleared up all kinds of doubts.

In the program Georgina Barbarossa, Pia Shaw He consulted him: “Is it true Florencia that you were afraid of being pregnant inside the house?” And she flatly denied it, saying that when she did a campaign for a brand of wipes she understood that it was nerves and hormonal changes that made her feel like she was pregnant.

“They were the changes of the change of place,” defined. In addition, the former participant clarified that she is already more familiar with the issue of female hormones.

“Besides, when I had the (blood) tests done, we hadn’t been there yet,” He launched Florence Regidor of Big Brother (Telefe). For its part, Gaston Trezeguet added as a joke: “Florence’s only delay was going to the shower.”

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