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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is refining his hyper-conservative agenda

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The Republican governor is preparing his future presidential candidacy and wants to use the next legislative session of the Florida parliament to pass a series of ultra-conservative laws that are already highly contested.

With our correspondent in MiamiDavid Thomson

You have not seen anything yet “, repeats Ron DeSantis for a week for the promotion of his book with the evocative title The courage to be free, Florida, a model to lift America up. This model, the Republican governor wants it conservative and assumed, not only in speech, but also in action. To do this, DeSantis, whose presidential ambitions are no longer in doubtintends to rely on its super majority in the local parliament since its massive victory in November with a 19-point lead.

As soon as they resume on Tuesday, March 7 in Tallahassee, elected Republicans will vote on a series of legislative proposals that delight DeSantis supporters but worry his opponents. Because these proposals lean very to the right with in particular the authorization of the carrying of firearms without a license, the abolition of diversity programs in universities, the reinforcement of the death penalty, but also the restriction of freedom of the press and the right to abortion.

No doubt for observers on the political objective of Ron DeSantis: to pose as a champion of conservative values ​​​​with the Republican base in the perspective of his probable candidacy for a Republican primary, against his great rival Donald Trump.

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