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For being ‘distracted’, he passes the red, runs over a woman and damages a property in Saltillo

The person in charge assures that, in an oversight, he ignored the traffic light; no injuries reported

A motorist who was circulating on Ramón Corona and Mariano Matamoros, in the Saltillo downtown areahe ran the red light, with it, he ran over a person and damaged a property.

The accident occurred at 11:40 in the morning, where the presence of an ambulance was requested, as well as emergency personnel. municipal transit to deal with the accident report.

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The driver of the Hyundai Creta vehicle, identified as Jose Pilar Martinez39 years old.

$! The fence of the building was affected.

The fence of the property was affected.

The man he said he was distracted and ignored the light, running red and causing his car to be hit by the Nissan Tsuruwhich did not have license plates, and was driven by Cecilia Guadalupe36 years old, who could not avoid the impact.

After the accident, the van collided with a woman and her children, who threw the children and ended up getting hitFortunately, without serious considerations; later the truck went against the metal fence of a church, causing damage.

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$!The struck car did not have license plates.

The hit car did not have license plates.

The run over woman did not present serious injuries and the blows were light, so she did not require ambulanceeven so, the person responsible will be responsible for the damages and medical expenses to get rid of the accident.

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