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Former Formula 1 favorite goes to court against the Haas team – claims to have money to spare


The Haas team must deal with court documents. Photo: Hiro Komae / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 05/01/2024 11:03:59

Sport: The reputable the site quotes from court documents which is filed in the United States.

Steiner stepped down as Haas boss after last season. Now he claims that the Formula 1 team has not paid him given and agreed commissions valid for several years. It must be in conflict with an employment agreement he had.

Furthermore, Steiner also claims that the team still sells supporter effects bearing his name and image. The former team manager says this is being done without his approval, and that he is not getting his rightful share of the income.

In the court documents Autosport has seen, many details are slandered.

“Haas F1 chose not to renew Steiner’s employment contract. It was their right. But Haas F1 has done something it has no right to do by refusing to pay Mr. Steiner money it owes according to his employment agreement,” it says at the same time.

The documents must not specify in detail which commissions Steiner has not been paid.

However, it is pointed out that the Haas team got a great advertising effect from the fact that the former team boss was a central figure in the popular Netflix series “Drive to survive”.

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