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Francisco son of Darío Corti and Franco brother of Bautista Mascia were the visitors who left the Big Brother house


Francisco and Franco were the visitors eliminated from Big Brother 2023 (Telefe), and in this way they lost any chance of winning the house that was at stake. However, there were two left on the positive plate to define who will win the house, and they are: Facundo the friend of Martín Ku, and Delfina the daughter of Virginia.

Who were the visitors who left the Big Brother house?

Francisco and Franco They left the house Big Brother with 18.4% of the votes, and with 12.2% for the Uruguayan.

Santiago del Moro He explained it at the beginning of the program, and stated again that the winner will stay until Wednesday: “He will be the last to leave the game, he will give leadership to the player he represents and he will receive a house as a prize.” Minutes later, he assured that on Tuesday we will know the winner of the house since those days the test is played to see who will have immunity for a week.

After explaining, he entered the house to save one of the visitors and inform another who was leaving, and was Facundo who found out that he was still in the house. Then, she grabbed one of the two red envelopes she had, and revealed that the son of Dario I would have to leave the house.

Finally, and close to midnight, Santiago del Moro communicated to Frank the brother of Baptist that he would have to leave the house, and in this way he would join Francisco as the second visitor eliminated of the night. Darío’s son garnered 18.4%, and the Uruguayan left with 12.2% of the positive votes.

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