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French tourist sentenced to prison for threats and shooting in Svalbard


A Frenchman has been sentenced to 20 days in prison after a holiday trip to Svalbard this April. Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

Of NTB | 31.05.2024 10:23:12

Crime and justice: The man, who was on holiday in April, took part in a trip organized by one of Svalbard’s tour operators, but felt badly treated, writes Svalbardposten.

On the evening of 15 April, he threatened to visit the tour operator’s base in Longyearbyen and shoot all the employees. Because of polar bear danger, he had access to weapons, and he emphasized the threats by making a movement that imitated a charging grip.

In addition, the man was convicted of careless use of a weapon after he fired a shot inside a hotel room, which hit a radiator and caused a water leak.

In court, the Frenchman acknowledged the facts, but claimed that the threats were not real and were misunderstood due to his poor English skills.

The court did not agree and assessed the threats as clear and suitable to induce fear, and thus punishable.

Despite claims of confiscation, the Frenchman was allowed to keep his revolver, a historic weapon of great personal significance. In addition to the prison sentence, he must pay NOK 40,000 in court costs.

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