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From América TV they denied the departure of Fabián Doman from BDA: “There is no intention for him to leave”


Yanina Latorre He said in the last hours that Fabián Doman was no longer going to be part of América TV; However, the channel denied it.

This Thursday on the air of Yanina 107.9 (The Observer)the host reported: “Yesterday I told you that there was a rumor on the channel that he was going to leave Fabian Doman of the newscast and that he was going to replace him Gustavo Lopez. Well, This morning Gabriel Hochbaum, a shareholder in America and owner of this radio, called me. He wanted to know where I got it from, but I didn’t tell him. It was the rumor“.

And he clarified to me that they have no plans for Doman to leave and that Gustavo López was a story.. Let’s hope it’s not someone who wants to operate on Doman and bring him a mess…” she added.

Gabriel Hochbaum He called me in a good mood and told me: ‘Yani, I don’t know where you got it from, Doman is still on the program, there is no intention for him to leave America‘”, he detailed Yanina Latorre and stated sharply: “I’m going to find out who wanted to operate on me…”.

What happened to Fabián Doman in America

Yanina Latorre revealed that América TV decided to dispense with Fabian Doman, but they have not yet been informed. He also said that Gustavo López will be his replacement.

In the air of Yanina 107.9 (The Observer)the host gave the scoop and introduced in an enigmatic way: “Driver thrown out who still doesn’t know it. A host ends on a television channel, and there is already a substitute who fixed everything“.

Fabián Doman, your mornings are running out in America. The one who is going to replace him is Gustavo López when he finishes a trip to the Copa América“he explained.

At the same time, Pia Shaw He added that the journalist was always in the spotlight within the channel: “Gustavo López was about to go to C5N, in the end it didn’t happen, he works at La Red, and in January they called him to do BDA. When he said no, he appeared on the scene “Doman.”

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