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Frp: The drop in emissions is a sign of illness


Terje Halleland (Frp) believes industrial decline is an important reason for emission cuts. Photo: Rodrigo Freitas / NTB

Of NTB | 07.06.2024 18:33:04

Weather: – Unfortunately, the government is unable to balance emission cuts on the one hand with industrial development on the other. It is a sign of sickness for the government’s policy, he says in a press release.

Greenhouse gas emissions in Norway last year were 2.3 million tonnes lower than in 2022 and ended at 46.6 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents, according to preliminary figures from Statistics Norway published on Friday morning.

This means a decrease of 4.7 per cent. Road traffic, industry and oil and gas extraction accounted for most of the decline.

Halleland believes climate and environment minister Andreas Bjelland Eriksen (Ap) has reason to be satisfied, while industry minister Cecilie Myrseth (Ap) should be more concerned. He points out, among other things, that the metallurgical industry has had relatively large emission cuts, partly due to high electricity prices and a fall in production.

– Many similar industries to the metallurgical industry are essential for the production of, among other things, solar cells. In other words, the government is shooting its own climate policy in the foot when jobs and production are replaced without taking into account the background to the figures, says Halleland.

It is in particular the government’s tax and levy policy that he and the party criticize.

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