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Furia accused Darío Martínez Corti of being “sexist” and threatened him on Big Brother: “I’m going to break your head”


Rage aimed against Darío Martínez Corti after his fight with Mauro D’Alessio in Big Brother (Telefe) and made a strong threat that made all the fans explode.

What happened between Fury and Dario in Big Brother?

While they were in the kitchen with Zoe Bogach, Bautista Mascia, Nicolás Grosman and Virginia Demo, The participants talked about the game of Dario inside the house and the information he could give to each of his companions.

However, the little brother would have faced Juliana Scaglione to warn you that “At any moment he could leave the house” regarding the violent crossing with Mauroand she attacked: “I tell him ‘don’t put that in my teammates’ heads because I’m going to break your head.'”

“I told her. I am a woman and I defended myself. Women can defend themselves too, right? I told her like that,” she revealed. “Dario is a shitty sexist,” he added.

Then, he made a reference to his father and noted: “My old man was also the same. It’s not his fault. I’m going to defend him a little bit anyway. It’s the upbringing from before.”

On the other hand, he remembered the fight with Mauro: “The guy stands on his hand. You stand on his hand with my partner and I’m going to break your head, cut it off. Who are you? I’m really sorry because you came on as a substitute, it’s not my fault. Besides, he wants all the cameras to he”.

“Look, skinny, I’ll explain something to you. Do you want a camera? Create your own content. Stop sucking the energy of others. Stop sucking the fandom of others. I gave it to you because I’m stupid. The fandom is Emma gave it because he’s stupid. We’re all morons. Ready, he’s got what he wanted, go home and suck my dick well and I’ll go to hell. term”, continuous.

“His presence doesn’t bother me either, but I did notice that he jumps, that he screams. I said ‘ah… well, this one screams, I scream at him three more times.’ the camera, I just sit there and keep talking as if I were Moria Casán”he added.

Subsequently, Rage concluded: “No, idiot*. In my house you are not going to speak badly of me, gil. Go speak badly of your people. Don’t come and speak badly of me because they want to censor you. They know what happens outside, they know how to eliminate to an easy player, and who is the ball that is taken the fastest”.

However, this was not the first time that Juliana warned Dario. A few days ago, the event occurred when Dario He was in the kitchen to prepare food for all his classmates, until in one of the scenes that the cameras recorded, Scaglione He approached him and said: “I’m going to be watching you, you know?”

What shocked the fans is that Rage He grabbed a knife to help his companions, but pointed at Dario with a knife in his hand, and on the networks they quickly asked for his expulsion.

“At any moment a misfortune happens and I don’t want to see Del Moro giving his moral lessons or even acting empathetic, all this decline starts from his terrible driving”; “She is literally sick and now we understand why Agostina was afraid of her”; “It’s scary, take it out. Poor friends”; “How disgusting this mine”; “She is sick and deranged”expressed Internet users through X

The relationship between Furia and Darío Martínez Corti It is completely broken just like with Mauro D’Alessioand the most controversial player does not miss opportunities to face them in the house of Big Brother (Telefe).

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