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Furia accused Emmanuel Vich of being comfortable with the production and they destroyed her online


Juliana Rage Scaglione broke out against Emmanuel Vich after finding out that the nomination plate is positive in Big Brother (Telefe). Because of this confrontation, the little sister was highly criticized on the networks due to her controversial comments.

After the elimination of Mauro D’Alessio, the participant blamed her friend for the public’s decision since they did not have a good relationship. And, from that moment, the link is broken.

For that reason, Furia cornered the hairdresser in the room and accused him of being the production’s protégé since he considers that with the negative votes he could leave the reality show. He even got fully involved in the relationship he has with his mother. (Video: @TrunkOficial)

Emmanuel: My mom is not a whoreso you respect her

Rage: Excellent. Now you respect your old woman that you hate her

Immanuel: No, I love him. So you respect her. A little kiss, I love you

Rage: A little kiss, when you go negative I make you shit

Immediately, the camera went to the bathroom of the house but, due to the screams, Juliana could be heard making very controversial comments against Emma: “Don’t insult me, you stupid idiot, I’m going to throw you out. You had seven beers, you have to be punished. Drunk! Drunk! Drunk! But since you’re sure to find someone from here, you’re still in here. Casting sheet! Casting sheet! Casting sheet!“.

The networks repudiated Furia’s comments against Emmanuel

After the video went viral where Furia Scaglione accuses Emmanuel Vich of being a drunk and having done a casting call to enter Big Brother, on the networks they began to destroy it.

In the viewers’ comments, they claimed that Juliana took advantage of the fact that The hairdresser told him his hard life story with his parents after coming out of the closet and even resorting to his drug addiction to destabilize him.

Reprehensible comments against Furia after discussion with Emmanuel Vich
Reprehensible comments against Furia after discussion with Emmanuel Vich

Finally, Internet users repudiated what happened during this discussion: “What a shrink he became Big Brother for God’s sake”, “Wow, she’s that bald, how can they tolerate that on television”, “She has to be a character because she can’t be so delirious that woman”, “She handles herself with total impunity. She knows that it is impossible for them to get her out”, “How are you going to mess with someone’s old lady”.

Juliana Scaglione’s furious reaction when she found out about the positive plate

After finishing the nomination round, Santiago del Moro contacted the house to explain that the plaque would be positive. “When they (relatives and friends of the players) entered, I announced to the people that the plaque was mixed. You voted negatively and here people will vote positively“said the driver.

“You have to campaign for yourselves. The players and the visits. The vote outside is positive. That is, the people have to support you by voting for you this week. It will be in the name of the visit. You are behind,” del Moro continued.

The driver didn’t finish saying goodbye that Furia shouted: “How they take care of his ass! How they take care of his ass! How they take care of his crazy ort!” in reference to the fact that production protects Emmanuel Vich. Despite having heard her, del Moro preferred to avoid confrontation and did not enter again. Immediately afterwards, Juliana was heard to explode before everyone’s astonished gaze: “You have to go, son of a bitch!”.

Emma’s response was not to confront her, and ask along with “The Cat” Noelia to vote for them to “come first off the plate.”


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