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Furia accused her Big Brother colleagues of making her sick: “They want to get me out of the game”


Juliana Rage Scaglione He targeted his teammates Big Brother, again, and accused them of making her sick on purpose, as a strategy. The player specifically shot at Virginia Demo and Florence Regidor.

Who did Fury fight today?

Rage he caught a cold In this context, while she was talking to some of her colleagues in her room, she began an unusual attack where she targeted them and blamed them for being sick. “So much so that they play nice, the idiot* makes me sick, and the other idiot, this one has pharyngitis (Florencia), the other one that doesn’t come out all (Virginia), I’m all covered in snot and stuff,” he began (Video : @TrunkOficial).

“I can’t get sick, guys. I have a diagnosis in which I can’t get sick, my central nervous system can’t go down. I just went to a doctor. They gave me paracetamol. But, Do you know what they want? Take me out of the game. That’s why they send me to the doctor. Until he dies, I won’t stop“He continued before everyone’s astonished gaze.

Furia continued with his diatribe: “If they thought about their classmates, and they knew that I couldn’t get sick, they would have left the room and slept outside. Do I have to sleep outside?” he asked. Pointing directly at Florencia, he launched: “You’re the one who has pharyngitis, idiot*. The other one gets sick, she’s coughing all over the house 24 hours a day, and I end up getting sick. It doesn’t matter. They don’t think about people. Beautiful strategy“.

Nicolas and Florence
Nicolas and Florence

At that moment, Regidor interrupts her and clarifies: “It’s not all strategy in life, Juli”. “Well, It seems like yes, they know I can’t get sick. And if they don’t know, they didn’t realize,” he said, and indicated that those who are sick have to leave the room. “I’m not going to leave my room,” he said.

There are a lot of things that are wrong here. They don’t think about the other. So, when you say ‘Don’t tell us like that’. No. You shit on people. “You, and there are a lot that are outside,” he told her directly to Florencia.

In the middle of his rant, he included the videos that his teammates left with messages for them. “All of yesterday’s messages were actually made on purpose for those of us who have fandom to get excited because they don’t tell us anything,” he concluded.

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