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Furia from Big Brother spoke about his health and said that he will leave the reality show permanently: how the participants reacted


Furia will leave the Big Brother (Telefe) house in the next few hours after a health problem which forces her to undergo medical studies outside of reality. However, she before she spoke with Santiago del Moro to provide peace of mind to his family and his followers, and he took the situation with humor to tell his colleagues and make them believe that he will leave permanently.

Why is Fury leaving Big Brother?

At first, the driver gave her the floor and asked her that she herself had the right to tell what happened to her. For this reason, Juliana Scaglione He explained how he feels emotionally: The title more than anything is about my health. I don’t want to scare my sister, my family, or the Furious.”

“There is something that went wrong in a study and that must be corroborated. It could be something very calm or something that is not. What the doctor told me is not to be scared, not to worry, and that everything has a solution, But it does worry me because it is a blood issue. Since I have a family background, my parents died and so on, that’s why I worry. When I see two doctors, I get scared because I also experienced it. he detailed.

Then, he revealed that he was going to take his exit with humor and explained that he planned to leave in a particular way: “I don’t think I have to be scared or anything, nor should you, but there was some kind of funny idea in here since they wanted to eliminate me from the game for quite some time. The idea is like telling them that I myself am going to leave the house for my health.” .

“I know that it may not be funny to play with your health, but it is funny for me to see their faces,” express Julianawho asked permission Santiago del Moro to see if he could do it, and the driver did not refuse since “It’s her body and her health, and only she could decide how to tell the news to her colleagues.”

“I’m fine. It hurt me and I’m going to say it really, I think that as a game strategy or because of discontent on the part of two teams, going without food hurt me because I have anemia, not eating meat or lowering the fat percentage a little, it makes me feel bad. In addition to stress or getting into very loud discussions.”he pointed.

Regarding what diagnosis he has after so much speculation, he said: “The body is responding and I think that not eating made my defenses lower a lot and therefore I got a urinary tract infection. I’m on antibiotics and something went wrong in the study.”

“I should constantly have checkups. I am a high-performance athlete, I made a lot of effort throughout my sporting career and at some point it takes its toll on your body,” he added.

Finally, the most controversial participant in the house made it clear that she was not going to leave the reality show so easily: “I want people to know that I don’t want to leave the house, I want to stay, that beyond anything that is serious or not serious, everything has its treatment and here at home it can be fulfilled and done. That is what production conveys to me. I want to stay until the final, it doesn’t matter. I always say, they’re going to get me out of here but people get me out, and if not I’m going to be left dragged on the floor, I don’t care.”

“It is the most important competition of my life. I left my entire life to be here. My family knows it. My sister knows it. I left everything,” concluded Rage in the confessional.

How did the participants react after Fury left Big Brother?

Later, Del Moro He entered the house from the screen to talk to the participants, and asked the participant to stand in front of the television so he could tell what he has and what he should do outside the house.

“I didn’t think it was going to be so exposed, but the reality is that I have to become aware. You know that for me this is my life, that I left my life just like all of you to be here, but I also have quite a family resume.” heavy of which I don’t have to be afraid, but I don’t want to leave… but there came a time when I have to become aware. That’s the word. he started saying Juliana to his companions.

“I already had a wake-up call. Last week I didn’t eat well. I think my defenses were lowered. Now the studies were not good. I don’t know how to tell you this because the truth is I would never say this, but I have to tell you because tomorrow They won’t see me anymore, so… I’m going to leave the game. It’s something that bothers me.”he insisted.

For his part, the driver followed him “joke” and he asked him: “Stop. I didn’t know that, Juliana. Are you going to abandon the game?” While, on the other hand, participants grabbed their faces in disbelief and others began to cry.

“I didn’t tell Santiago but the production does know because I already talked about it with them because I want to spend it with my family. If it’s something very important, if it’s a treatment, I want to do it outside. I’m not going to do it here, and less bothering people who maybe can win a prize. I think I also want to be in the final, but my health comes first,” he assured.

“I know that maybe they look at me with the expression of… some want me to go, I know that others don’t, I know that he loves me a lot, but I think that I come first and as I told you, I know that for me comes the game first, But first today I am. It’s reality. Don’t get upset, I can enjoy all these hours that I have left,” held.

However, after giving the full explanation of how he has been feeling in the house in recent days, he clarified that leaving the house was only part of a joke and stated: “I wanted to tell them that this is a joke and that if tomorrow I’m going to do my studies, I’m going to leave the house. Just as I like to laugh at certain things, I know that it’s not a joke with my health and that’s why I’m going to do it.” studies to come back and break everything inside to all the sons of p*** who want to see me outside.

“I’m going back, honey. They’re going to have to put me inside again,” ended Rage while laughing in front of his classmates Big Brother (Telefe).

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