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Furia got angry with Francisco, the son of Dario from Big Brother, while they were doing the weekly test


Juliana Furia Scaglione got upset with Franciscothe son of Darío Martínez Cortiwhile they carried out the weekly test so that Big Brother (Telefe) gives them the full budget to buy food.

The little sister’s relationship with Pancho, since her admission, was very strange. There was a certain chemistry between them so they had certain approaches and even slept together.However, they had certain limitations due to the non-approval of the player from La Plata.

Although their relationship is very good, the athlete got angry with the visitor because he didn’t like how he was organizing himself to complete the puzzle that they had to finish to finish the test.

In this way, Furia let Francisco know: “Hold your anxiety, I’ve been here for 5 months so that a kid who just arrived tells me what I have to do”.

Darío warned his son Francisco to stay away from Furia

Francisco, the son of Darío Martínez Corti, entered Big Brother (Telefe) to keep his father company. But, when only a few seconds had passed after his entrance, Furia Scaglione approached him and gave him a big hug..

However, that was not their last approach since, in the morning, the young man sat next to Juliana. The little brother didn’t like this, so he decided to warn him about the participant.

In this way, the participant asked his son to accompany him outside and compared his situation with the relationship between D’Alessio and the athlete: “The same thing he did with Mauro, you don’t know if he targeted you and the day after tomorrow he could be yelling at you… “I want to tell you, if she is there you have to walk to the other side, because now she grabbed you and sat you next to her.”

“She plays like that, you don’t know if she’s cool or if she’s using you. It is to avoid a bad moment, do not give him space for free by approaching you. The motherfucker is playing 24/7“Dario recommended to Francisco that he stay away from Furia.


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