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“Furia” had a fierce confrontation with “La Gata” Noelia in Big Brother: “You are an ordinary one”


Juliana Furia Scaglione There was a strong confrontation with The Cat” Noelia in Big Brother 2023 (Telefe) for a comment by the stuntwoman about the flag LGTQB+, and in a few minutes the house went from being quiet to being a hive of screams.

What happened between Furia and La Gata Noelia?

The event began when Aixa the mother of Zoe Bogachhe consulted Scaglione if the starting order of the players was in order of highest percentage of votes. And he answered: “The car’s fandom is gone… and it had a good nominees dinner regarding the LGBT flag to get votes.”

At that moment, the friend of Emma Vich He listened to her, and told her, raising his voice, that he respects what the community of gays, lesbians, and trans people represents. That’s when Juliana gets up from the couch, and she starts screaming.

I am LGBT, so close the o…, you are not going to tell me what I suffered. “You respect me and my house, this is my house, you come to steal a camera.”, he burst out. AND The cat he retorted: “Ordinary, you are an ordinary. Steal a camera? I have been working for 33 years. You respect that you don’t respect anyone. Respect the colors and the flag. You don’t even respect women.”

Finally, Juliana Furia Scaglione closed the discussion with Noelia the Cat shouting, and stated: “You have little time left, and make your own fandom.”

What happened between Fury and the production of Big Brother 2023

Angel de Brito counted on THE M (America) that Juliana “Furia” Scaglione In addition to complaining, it threatens the production of Big Brother (Telefe) with “tell everything” when it comes out. This occurs when they call her to the confessional to try to calm her outbreaks of anger seen on repeated occasions.

“I get a Telefe information, something that was not known until now. Obviously, they are going to deny it; but they tell me that Big Brother production is having certain problems with Fury. He is a beautiful character: he is driving the participants, the panelists and the producers crazy,” the host of THE M.

And he detailed with names and surnames, whom he specifically threatens. “They are inconvenient that, of course, They are not seen on air, but rather take place in the confessional. Furia not only complains, but threatens production. Particularly to two well-known producers in the medium: Graziano and Juan Manuel Méndez. When they see these situations of overflowthey call her to the confessional to take her down and calm down, but what does she say? That as soon as they leave her outside she will tell everything”, revealed de Brito, about the situations that are not seen in public.

They are very worried. Not only because of what he can say, but if he lies. YesIf she comes out tomorrow and says something, people are going to believe Fury. He is a little problem“, Ángel concluded about the internal mess that the production has with Juliana Scaglione.

Days ago, Santiago del Moro welcomed family and friends of the Big Brother participants, who will stay in the house for a few days. Given this, the driver explained that Furia was not going to be on the plate this week due to visits. Meanwhile, the participant exploded when she found out that this mother’s plate was positive and He accused the production, live, of “taking care of Emmanuel”. Besides, Furia had no itch to shout, during an argument with the man from Córdoba, that he had cast a sheet and that “I’m sure you’ll fuck someone here to stay,” referring to the production as well.

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