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“Furia” made a strong reflection and told how he experiences his illness in Big Brother: “I don’t want to die at the best moment of my life”


Juliana Furia Scaglione revealed a few days ago that he suffers from leukemia after undergoing some studies outside the house of Big Brother (Telefe)and reflected on life by telling how are you with your illness.

What did Fury say about his illness?

This Thursday, May 3, Santiago del Moro He entered the house to give photos of their families to the participants in the middle of dinner, in addition to giving them an unexpected announcement about the game they will play to find out who will be the winner of the 0km car.

Despite the stories that her colleagues excitedly told, the participant chose to talk about her stay after learning the strong news of her illness, and she expressed: “I always ask myself ‘how far can the player go to win the game?'”

“I’m very stuck in here. I know that people support me, at least I feel it. It’s something that no matter how much they come to yell at me, it doesn’t matter. I feel it,” he pointed.

In addition, the player clarified that she trusts her fandom to continue in the reality show: “If I’m here it’s for a reason and I always say ‘The day I leave it’s because people don’t want me here, so I think that if this happens to me… Let’s see, I don’t want to die today, I’m living the best moment of my life.”

“What’s better than if something happens to me, I don’t know… in a few months, or when I’m older, I’m already living the best life. I mean, my life was completely crazy: from jumping off a building to seeing my old man passed away. My life was a boom. It was all the time ‘boom, boom, boom, boom’. So, I knew something big was coming.”he added.

“I want it to be clear to people that it is not because of the stress that I got stuck here, because I do not have any stress here. So that it is very clear that I entered the house as Juliana and became someone else. And I am very grateful for everything that I grew up here”, the little sister stated.

“What I have is asymptomatic. I try not to think. The house makes me not think about it because I am working with the game all the time in my head. This is the best moment of my life, and I want to live it like this. I don’t mind.” “I’m going to die and that’s not going to happen to me. I’m going to make sure that’s delayed. When it’s time, it’s time… not today,” concluded Rage after his illness inside the house of Big Brother (Telefe).

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