Furia refused to apologize to Mauro and referred to his excesses in Big Brother

Furia refused to apologize to Mauro and referred to his excesses in Big Brother

Furia refused to apologize to Mauro and referred to his excesses in Big Brother

Juliana Rage Scaglione He began attending different programs after his elimination from Big Brother (Telefe) and the first was Cut for Lozano (Telefe) where they consulted him about his excesses inside the house.

In a hand-to-hand interview on the couch, the host asked the little sister about his strong fight with Mauro Dalessio, in which she ended up pushing him. At that time, she had even asked for her expulsion on the networks.

Verónica: He was hurt by what you told him.

Rage: What do you make your feet with? It’s all a joke, it’s a show

Veronica: Well stupid* but sorry, it can’t all be a joke. And you don’t apologize to anyone either.

Rage: I forgave…

Veronica: No, I didn’t forgive. I didn’t see you ask for forgiveness

Fury: Let’s see, tell me who I have to apologize to

Verónica: You should apologize to Mauro.

Rage: I still haven’t spoken to Mauro my love

Verónica: Are you going to ask for forgiveness? Suppose I am Mauro, let’s play a game

Rage: We are giving you money

Veronica: I am Mauro, would you apologize for why?

Fury: I don’t have to apologize for anything.

Veronica: To Apple?

Rage: Not at Manza, it’s a show

Veronica: Catalina loved you very much

Rage: I love her, I love her badly

Verónica: Don’t you feel like you have to apologize to anyone?

Fury: No, we entered a reality show. What did you expect? I don’t understand

Veronica: But if I say something that hurts, I apologize.

Rage: But they all said things that were hurtful. Some should have been sanctioned and were not. I’m not talking about names, Big Brother and the production know that. Argentina is sometimes not prepared to see the format

What Fury said about his excesses within Big Brother

After Juliana Scaglione refused to apologize to her colleagues for some mistreatment she has had within the reality show, Verónica Lozano asked her if she was aware of these situations.

Veronica: Do you feel like you went to hell with something?

Fury: 2 or 3 times but in the confessional they told me to go down a little

Veronica: What thing?

Rage: Well, there are times when by staying so long, you get saturated

Veronica: Yes, but for example, come on. Is it so difficult for you to say, I went to hell on such an occasion?

Rage: Tell me what you saw, I haven’t seen anything yet. What I sell is shows, I’ll stay with the one who buys that and laughs his ass off.

Verónica: You feel that what you went to hell is justified by the show

Fury: Yes, otherwise I would be having a stress attack and I’m fine.


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