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Furia shot Axel after the former participants entered Big Brother


Juliana Rage Scaglione analyzed the entry of former participants to Big Brother (Telefe) and He harshly targeted Axel Klekaylo.

At the gala on June 3, half of The little brothers who left the reality show this edition re-entered the house, among whom was the native of Apósteles. Although his time was very brief, he has been characterized for being the boy who ate a lot of eggs and for saying the phrase: “When I’m sad… I cry.”

However, the originals who have been locked up since December are not aware that the young man has gone viral on the networks for these reasons, so they do not have many memories of him.

But, the athlete, in any case, was furious with his appearance: “Axel is one of stupid missions, that most flawed one. I like those from Córdoba, I don’t like those from Formosa and Neither do those from Misiones, they are all re-fallutos and on top of that, macumberos”.

This was the entry of the first eleven former participants who returned home

Big Brother (Telefe) dressed up to receive the first eleven former participants in the most famous house in the world, but with the particularity that the little brothers could not have contact with them or listen to them, and only saw them on SUM television: from the entrance by the big door to the confessional.

From the studio, Santiago del Moro He clarified that before seeing “The Truman Show” They were going to see another movie, and it was there that he left the house and commented: “Those who put together the plaque are those who are outside.”

Then, he told what the mission of the former participants was: “I’ll tell you what’s going to happen: this week the ones who are going to nominate are them, the house doesn’t nominate. Those who are there to enter don’t know that they’re going to have to nominate. What are they going to call them? One by one, “Once they go to the confessional, they leave the house so that they don’t have contact with the rest, and they can’t plot.”

In this way, the other eleven former brothers who did not enter this Monday, June 3, will be able to put together some type of strategy to make the plate more juicy. Finally, Santiago Del Moro hill: “You are surely going to go with some type of woven strategy tomorrow, but the rest of the house is not going to have it because they are going to surprise you live now.”

Those who had the opportunity to re-enter in this first part were: Manzana, followed by Lucía Maidana, Denisse González, Zoe Bogach, Agostina Spinelli, Mauro D’Allesio, Isabel de Negri, Carla “Chula” De Stefano, Hernán “Córdoba” Ontivero, Axel Klekaylo, and Lisandro Navarro.


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