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Furia spoke again about Mauro’s intimacy in Big Brother: “He is the new gay in the house”


In Big Brother (Telefe), Juliana Rage Scaglione spoke again about the sexuality of Mauro D´Alessio, his “partner” within the reality show. In dialogue with Martin Chinese Kuthe player stated that “she is not going to come out of the closet because of her mother,” and they liquidated her online.

“For me, he is the new gay in the house”he began by saying Rage. And he added: “He hasn’t come out of the closet because of his mother.“. “Same… Did you check that out?” he asked. The Chinese. Then the player responded: “I told him my story, he told me his… He is in an environment where he can be destroyed. Did you see when you don’t want to be destroyed by your friends or your family? It is a very sentimental topic. That’s why he cries so much: because he has a pain.”

Quickly, the participant reacted: “Well, let’s not talk about that anymore.”. “No, everyone comes out of the closet when they want, but you’re going to have to work on it. What happens is that he is here, inside a television channel and everyone finds out, “Juliana launched.”That’s why: Let’s not talk about it anymore!“he insisted The Chinese. “People see everything… Guy… the look of the guy at the other guy… I mean… friend, no matter how much he wants to hide it…”, the stunt double continued.

Despite the request of his reality show partner, Rage He continued: “But it has nothing to do with being metrosexual, let’s be clear. The man can be neat and shave, but it has nothing to do with it. Because he also threw that at me… And I told him: ‘No “It’s what you feel.”

Far from concluding the topic, the player continued with her opinion: “I also noticed when they caress you a lot, see? Or protects you a lot, like a mother… In what is sexual, I realized at the touch. He doesn’t feel like fucking, can’t stop. I mean, it’s not a cycle because of testosterone… No. It’s just that I don’t generate it. He turns around and looks at Emma and makes little eyes at her. I, through gossip, saw that she likes to sleep looking at Emma. And now, yesterday they caught each other. I said: ‘Oh, idiot, it can’t be that I’m in the middle of this.'”

“And yesterday, Emma told me: ‘Please, Juli, so that you don’t feel bad, I have to tell you something.’ I think in my head,” Furia told Chino before the transmission was cut off.

The impact of Juliana’s comments was immediate and full of criticism.

  • “But a couple of days ago I was saying that we don’t talk about each other’s sexuality aaa haha”
  • “Ah, but don’t worry, nothing happens, she has everything allowed, she can say that she supports the attack on Amia and her fans are happy, EVERYTHING is allowed.”
  • “He’s more unpleasant than alpha last year but they forgive him everything”
  • “If someone doesn’t want to fuck her, they’re gay. It couldn’t be more basic.”
  • “Of all the things she does, this was the worst. Taking someone out of the closet against their will, exposing them on a show with a lot of cameras knowing that their family and friends are watching. It’s very bad and I don’t understand how “it is always justified”
  • “It wasn’t that they don’t talk about each other’s sexuality according to her!? Hahaha cynical, cheeky.”
  • “As you can see that he is not part of the community because if he really were, he would know that what he says about Mauro is not a laughing matter (if what he says about Mauro is really true) and it seems more disastrous to me that he exposes it like it was nothing, I understand that it gives us content but everything has a limit.”
  • “It’s funny to me that Mauro tells her that he doesn’t want to sleep with her and it doesn’t cause him anything physically and Furia’s conclusion is to flash that he is gay and is after Emma when in reality Mauro is probably no longer banking on her and can’t force himself.” to be intimate with someone you don’t like”

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