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Furia’s fierce attack on Florencia in Big Brother, for 15 minutes: “No one censors me”


Juliana Rage Scaglione He let Emmanuel Vich rest and this week in Big Brother took as a victim Florence Regidor. On May 31, the most controversial player of this edition fiercely attacked the 20-year-old girl, whom she had previously eliminated behind her back in a chat with Darío.

What happened between Furia and Florencia, Nicolás’ girlfriend

Before the fight with Florence, Juliana talked with Dario and destroyed the young woman. “My heart tells me that he is doing something wrong. Lie. She says that she wants to reach the finals with the boys. She is beautiful, intelligent and knows how to seduce He who falls into the eyes falls, I n, and Nico fell because here we are weak with affection”, commented the stuntwoman. “They can take Bautista out and in due course she will kick Nico. Do you know who is going to be in the final? “You, the other girl and this cunt…, it suits GH because she pays them half”Fury said to Dario.

“Florencia is a f**king copy, the only way to warm up the camera she has is by showing her tits and eating like a troll.”nothing more,” he said later (via @imaginecata).

Hours later, when they were all locked in the room while the house was prepared for a new activity, Juliana faced Florencia and accused of campaigning against Bautista so that he leaves the house at the next gala. However, Flor flatly denied his theory. “Nico, maybe he leaves on Sunday, I called Florencia at 9009,” he said first. “Since you say Bautista 9009“, Furia shot, to which Florencia replied: “I never said that”.

“D.and here, you’re going to go. If you don’t leave on Sunday, you leave next. If not, I’m going to see it from the outside but I’m going to take you out,” she warned him, and promised him that “she will spend all her money outside to eliminate it. “I never said Bautista to 9009”Florence insisted.

While Furia reproached him for not being authentic, Regidor told him that it is. “But when they throw the game away, she’s not authentic. That’s because you’re stupid…“Furia insulted her. At that moment, Nicolás could not stand the level at which the crossing was escalating and tried to calm Furia by asking her that it was not necessary to treat her that way.

It’s not what you are but what you came to do and you crossed the line. It’s time for them to start leaving,” Juliana told him. “If I have to go, I’m going to do it but because the people decide“, Florencia retorted. “Yes, I kept crying and playing the victim” Fury returned.

“If Bautista leaves, what I say is real. You are floundering by wanting to occupy a place here that does not belong to you, the place is mine. You’re a conventillera, you bring and bring, and I’ll save everything else for the nominees’ dinner, I’ll see if you can eat.”Juliana continued in a torrent of grievances, while Florencia repeated over and over that she had never messed with her.

“Juli, Not everyone comes for the prize. Run the campaign you want but stop throwing“Nicholas told Furia. “Well, So if he didn’t come for the prize, let Nico leave.. I’m not going to get angry with you, I prefer Bautista and Emma to stay. I understand that she is your girlfriend and that they are going to have a great time outside, but take it seriously.”, Juliana confronted the ally of the Uruguayan and the Chinese.

Fury, Nicolas and Florencia
Fury, Nicolas and Florencia

“I’m going to make him have bad times because I’m tired of lies. Look at her as a player, not your girlfriend. “This happened to me with Mauro”he assured, and asked the Ramos Mejía native to take care of his friends at home.

Juliana remembered the strategy of the Vizcachas Against her, she insisted that she was able to “open her eyes,” and reiterated to Nico that he stop seeing Flor as his partner, whose eyes were already full of tears by this point in the discussion. Fury called “shitholes who talk shit about everyone” those who integrated the Vizcachera and they left the house, and once again he treated Flor as a liar for saying that “it is logical that the originals win.”

Rage He then maintained that the model is “taken care of by the production” and that “it’s been a while since he had to leave without his suitcases,” and he also had a paragraph about his work. “As long as you can go on camera, with tits and dancing like a girl, it’s fine. It’s your job and you’re going to do well. I know because I threw the cards at you,” Furia said about Flor.

“I want all the people who love you to vote for me so they don’t vote for Bautista”Juliana asserted. “I’m not a crota or a cunt, I never said anything about you”Florencia replied to Furia, asking him to treat her well.

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