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Furia’s sister accused María Becerra of using the Big Brother participant: “It was a marketing strategy”


Maria Becerra stopped following Juliana “Furia” Scaglione on Instagram and the sister of the participant of Big Brother (Telefe) went to the intersection.

What happened to María Becerra and Furia

On several occasions, the singer had declared herself a fan of the player but, apparently, the violent attitudes she had recently made her get off the “furioneta.”

In the last few hours, Coy, Juliana’s sister, shared a message on her Instagram broadcast channel, pointing out Maria Becerra by his attitude.

Furia's sister against María Becerra
Coy’s message against María Becerra

“Do not consume fake news. Keep in mind that ‘the famous people’ who followed Furia at the time did it as a marketing strategy“Coy shot.

Videos or forms of support for Furia’s game were never seen. But what was seen was Furia naming or singing a song. “Don’t eat the line ‘I stopped following you because you’re violent’, that never existed,” she added.

“Furia’s game is excellent since he serves inside and outside. Grateful that this existed and today they are still valid thanks to that also as a way of making themselves visible.“concluded the sister of Rage.

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