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Furia’s sister, Andrea Scaglione, revealed how many properties the Big Brother participant has


Another of the sisters of RageAndrea Scaglione, appeared on television to tell the story of his family that became public thanks to Big Brother (Telefe).

After the death of their parents, the five brothers became estranged due to the succession. According to what the interviewee said in Intruders (America), Hammock She is the main culprit for fighting with the participant “over the inheritance”.

In it, Andrea revealed that her parents left them each a property but that Georgina “wants more square meters.” She however assured that “everyone has a house”.

In this way, he specified “I have a house that I rent, Coy has a house that he rents, Juliana has about three houses that she other brother and brother too.”

In this way, Andrea Scaglione confirmed that Furia uses the three properties as a source of income to support his needs.

The emotional reunion of Furia and Coy during “Frozen” in Big Brother

The sister of Juliana Rage ScaglioneGeorgina, entered the house Big Brother (Telefe) within the framework of the special section “Frozen”. Hammockas she is known, arrived with a power similar to that of the player and dedicated heartfelt words to her that resonated on social networks, where they went viral.

Magically, Rage was left in the yard at the time of “Frozen“. At that moment he entered Hammock to the cry of “Hello darling!”. “I’m going to do the frozen meme,” Georgina added humorously as she twirled.

Then, as she approached her sister, she said: “I am very proud that you are here. Stay still, I’m going to give you a hug and I’m going to tell you some words that come from my heart,” Juliana told her. “You are magic, powerful, strong, brave, unique, incredible, you are everything that is good in the world. I love you, I honor you, I worship you, thank you, thank you, thank you.”Georgina expressed to Ragecausing immense emotion.

“You are very beautiful. You are my big sister. You are light, you are strength, you are brave, I love you“, these last words ended up causing tears to break out among the viewers, who expressed themselves through the X network.

Next, Coy toured the house, thanked GH for welcoming her there, and left a gift for Furia to share with her teammates. “Oops, you’re done for,” she said while giving a kiss to the already emblematic deer that accompanies the player inside the house, which made everyone explode with laughter.

The sister of the Big Brother player also sat on the patio chair, assured that she was “good” and said that she wanted to exercise.

“You are very beautiful. You deserve everything that is happening to you. I love you, I love you, I love you,” he reiterated, looking into Furia’s eyes, whose emotion was tremendously palpable. Before crossing the door, after the sound of GH that indicated that the agreed time had already expired, she shouted: “#LaQueSupportPerra”was the last thing he said before leaving.


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