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Furia’s sister spoke about her health and denied pregnancy rumors, following her departure from Big Brother


Juliana Rage Scaglione will temporarily leave the house Big Brother (Telefe) with the aim of expanding medical studies. As revealed Santiago del Morothe little sister will return to reality once the doctors determine that she is fit to do so.

Although concern predominated among the program’s viewers, Many people began to circulate the version that she could be experiencing a pregnancy., fruit of the relationship that began with Mauro D’ Alessio. However, her sister came out to deny these rumors.

For that reason, Hammock spread through the participant’s Instagram account the following message where he brings peace of mind to his fans: “Thank you for all the messages of love for Furia. Everything is fine. She is stronger than ever. Very cared for and protected by everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone for so much love. For the haters, do not invent fake news, the only real voice is that of Fury. I’m not going to be an aunt. Fuck you idiot*s“.

Furia's sister on the participant's health
Furia’s sister on the participant’s health

He even spoke with Se picó (República Z) to state: “We have to wait, we are calm. He was always top ten, his health was perfect, there are checkups that must be done. Fury is not pregnant”.

What was Santiago del Moro’s statement about Fury?

Juliana Furia Scaglione will leave the house Big Brother (Telefe) momentarily and Santiago del Moro revealed the details in a statement.

Through his Instagram accountthe reality show host announced: “Friends, I want to tell you something important. Juli will soon leave the Big Brother house, as the doctors have decided to expand clinical studies.”

Santiago del Moro announced the momentary departure of Furia from Big Brother
Santiago del Moro announced the momentary departure of Furia from Big Brother

Then, without giving so many details about his health, he added: “She is the only one who will choose what to tell, and obviously when the health professionals consider it so, she will return home and continue in the competition.”


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