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Fury once again targeted Catalina Gorostidi after her visit in Big Brother


Juliana Rage Scaglione was very mobilized after the entry of the former participants of Big Brother (Telefe) to the house, especially when he saw Catalina Gorostidi. For that reason, he filled her with insults.

In any case, not only did she yell at him during the gala but, a day later, she continued to express her annoyance toward someone who was once her friend: “She talks about you, you not about her. Don’t you realize that the filthy girl has nowhere to eat? If you’re my friend, you don’t bother me so much. “They have nowhere to eat and they suck energy.”

“He spent his time speaking badly about Bauti, he spent his time speaking badly of you, She spent all her time talking badly about Sabrina and trashing her, and now she’s the best friend? Suck me an egg“He indicated after he saw the two young women holding hands and hugging.

For this reason, he closed in a very spicy way: “False piece of shit, vizcachera of the ort*, daughter of a bitch, envious. Vizcacheras of shit left me without eating, they are going to pay for it, daughters of bitch, karma comes back full of shit, I haven’t died yet and I’m not going to die, daughters of bitches“.

What Catalina Gorostidi said about Fury’s screams

Catalina Gorostidi burst into tears after the controversial shouts she received from Juliana Furia Scaglione on his return to Big Brother (Telefe), among which there were threats and insults.

Although the little sister spread her anger everywhere, the doctor was the one who received the most shouts against it. “You left me without food, daughter of a bitch. Daughter of a bitch. I almost died, forr*. It wasn’t given to you, I haven’t died yet, daughter of a bitch”he launched, referring to the disease he was recently diagnosed with, leukemia.

For that reason, the former participant told how her last visit was to the clinic where she worked and treated oncology patients, so she related it to that situation: “I was in Santa Fe, I went to visit my Hospital and, I got a little sick.” because the truth is that I got tired. “I saw a lot of my patients who are going through a very ugly disease and hearing that kind of thing breaks my balls.”

“I always fuck, I double down But for them to tell me ‘I haven’t died yet’ or for them to use an illness, the truth is that for my part I don’t endorse anything anymore. I’m already very tired, I have patients who died in my face and I can’t stand it,” Catalina Gorostidi concluded between tears in All Access (DGO).


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