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Fury, very hard against La Gata Noelia in Big Brother for being a friend of Emmanuel Vich


Juliana Rage Scaglione took from point to The cat Noelia who entered Big Brother (Telefe) for being a friend of Emmanuel Vich. For that reason, from the beginning, he has had clashes with her and has asked people to vote against her so that they both leave the program.

In this opportunity, the singer complained that the participant grabbed her scarf and he started playing with her and Florencia Regidor went to tell her. In this way, he changed the chip and began to shout: “Well then, let him talk to my face, what do you want? Pij*? I’m going to give it to him in the mouth”.

“Don’t break my balls because This whore from Ortho is not going to have a camera with me. They already have me fed up. She has me tired, let her go outside. This is crazy, don’t bother me,” the little sister continued saying in front of Bautista Mascia who interrupted her: “How you decontextualize.”

Finally, Fury ignored him and asked people not to send messages with his name on the positive plate.: “You know, people, don’t vote for her. Instead, let her stay and keep inventing things, she’s got my dick full.”

Emmanuel Vich wants to leave Big Brother

Emmanuel Vich He is not going through his best moment in Big Brother (Telefe) due to his distancing from Furywhich has been triggered by several very controversial confrontations between them.

After the departure of Mauro D’ Alessio from the reality show, the little sister has blamed the hairdresser, which generated a total break in their bond. This generated such discomfort in the participant that he broke down in several situations, to the point that he had to leave the house..

This is what Aixa implied in a conversation with her daughter Zoe Bogach where they were talking about the possibilities of him being eliminated next Sunday. Likewise, he raised the possibility of him leaving before the gala: “Did you see him? He said he wanted to leave and they told him no.”.

Then, the participant stated that it seemed strange to her that they prevented her from giving up the reality show: “They can’t say no to you, they can convince you”. However, no more of the conversation could be heard since, since production, they changed the camera that was broadcast live.


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