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Fury’s message for Laura Ubfal after her time on Big Brother: “I’ll go out and spoil you”


Juliana Rage Scaglione surprised with a message dedicated to Laura Ubfalanalyst The debate of Big Brother after his visit to the house with Ceferino Reato, Sol Pérez and Gastón Trezeguet.

Furia was in the kitchen area with other participants and visitors when he suddenly launched. “Laura Ubfal, I’ll go out and screw you… that’s what I’m telling you”. He then added: “Well, not Sol (Péerez) because she is married”.

The moment quickly went viral thanks to the videos (@granhermanitx en X) that several users shared online. However, the topic was divided between those who support the journalist and those who believe that “they passed data” to the player about the noted fanaticism of the member of The debate.

“Yesterday you had said that you liked Ceferino better, have they already passed on the information in the trust?”reads the message that accompanied the video published by a viewer.

Laura Ubfal has been questioned on more than one occasionbut recently it was even more criticized for her decisive stance of defending Fury in the face of his violent episodes.

Why Laura Ubfal was criticized

At the beginning of May, Laura Ubfal justified the violence of Juliana “Furia” Scaglione with Mauro Dalessio in Big Brother and generated a stir on the internet.

In Intruders (America TV) they were debating about Furia’s violent fight with Mauro during the elimination galawhen the journalist tried to tone down what happened.

“It’s a couple’s fight, that’s why the partners don’t get involved. Here there is something prior, why they came to this. This is a game,” said Laura Ubfal. “They don’t get involved because they prefer to expose themselves. Because that’s why they sting Furia, who has already taken out 18 people…”, he added.

Immediately online, Internet users targeted the panelist for not differentiating between reality and her fanaticism for Fury, and were outraged by her position of normalizing what happened.

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