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Gastón Trezeguet criticized the public after his defense of Furia for his statements in Big Brother: “The wrong ones”


Gaston Trezeguet used his networks to chicanery the public after his strong crossover with Analía Franchín and Nancy Pazos for his defense of Juliana Rage Scaglion, who spoke about Mauro D’Alessio’s sexuality. The ex Big Brother He maintained that “the wrong ones” are those who look for morals and ethics in a reality show.

What happened to Gastón Trezeguet

“Let’s repeat for the 100,000th time, THEY ARE NOT AN EXAMPLE OF ANYTHING NOR DO THEY HAVE TO BE! They are reality TV players, thank you #bigbrother,” Trezeguet wrote on his X account (ex Twitter). And he added: “They don’t even ask politicians for as much morality and ethics as they do for a #bigbrother participant, stop screwing around.”“.

Message Gaston rezeguet against public by Fury
Gastón Trezeguet and his defense of Fury

Then, in another tweet, he said: “Everyone chooses which part to see of each player as it suits them, some choose to see the person and others only the player. That is the magic and the power of each participant to catch you. Leave ethics and morals aside in a Reality, hypocrites. If I put a camera on them 24/7, no one passes their own judgment“, he joked about the part of the public that rejects some of the comments made by the Big Brother participants.

Message Gaston rezeguet against public by Fury
Gastón Trezeguet and his defense of Fury

The impact of his statements was immediate, and many maintained that he had gone from being an analyst to a “blind fan” who did not accept any type of comment that was not in favor of the participant.

Hours later, Trezeguet left a final strong message on the subject. “And never forget friends! The wrong ones are those who look for ethics and morals in a reality show“.

Message Gaston rezeguet against public by Fury
Gastón Trezeguet and his defense of Fury

The user trunkknown on the Internet for capturing several moments of Big Brother on video, crossed the A la Barbarossa panelist and told him: “No one wants you to be an example of anything but you entered a reality show where people judge you for everything, from your game and attitudes to their life history. The problem is the double standard with which they measure and measure things, some are allowed ‘disrespect’ and reprehensible comments and others are not? In more than one debate since last year, it has been said. He noticed that you were indignant with the statements of several participants but when it suits you you decide to feign insanity and say ‘it’s a game, they don’t have to be examples of anything.'”

Others, such as the user Latin Shadealso known online for his creative tweets in English about the Argentine farala, reminded him of a tweet from 2022 where he thought quite differently.

Let us remember that Furia called Mauro “the new gay in the house,” and assured that the young man “does not come out of the closet because of his mother.” His statements did not go down well with either the A la Barbarossa panelists or the general public.

“When I hear Furia talking about what’s happening to Mauro, it’s that he can’t come out of the closet on a show where the whole country sees him.”saying that he doesn’t do it because he doesn’t want the mother to get sick, it’s tremendous,” he said. Analía Franchínwho added that, in that case, it is his problem. “It’s sinister“added the journalist. “And then talking about the private parts, if she is small, if she doesn’t stop, it seems degrading to me. “It’s scary, old, backwards,” she said.

Nancy Pazos He spoke, supported what Franchín said, and added: “Rage It was absolutely homophobic. “It was really damaging from a lot of points of view.”. Dislocated, Gaston Trezeguet she rejected those expressions and, after admitting that she did not see the situation, she demanded that Pazos explain why for her Rage It’s homophobic.

Paulo Kablan She agreed with her classmates’ comments, and said, “It’s wrong. She can’t talk about others.”

Finally, Trezeguet said that they attacked Rage because “she is a powerful woman”. “In this program, emphasis has always been made, since I have been here, the only thing done is to denigrate a person like Furia,” she said. And he clarified: “Of course It’s terrible to bring someone out of the closet if that person doesn’t want to. How am I going to support something like this? Of course not. I’m talking about the generality of this show constantly killing Fury for anything. when they don’t watch the show,” said Trezeguet, who previously acknowledged that he didn’t see the moment that was being discussed.

Guys, it seems to me that you are mixing things up. “I adhere to the thoughts of Analía and Nancy but it is not that because she is powerful people attack her,” he expressed forcefully. Barbarossa.

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