Gastón Trezeguet, very spicy against Catalina Gorostidi for her absences from “Se picó”

Gastón Trezeguet, very spicy against Catalina Gorostidi for her absences from “Se picó”

Gastón Trezeguet, very spicy against Catalina Gorostidi for her absences from “Se picó”

Gaston Trezeguet He was very blunt with Catalina Gorostidi due to the repeated absences he had from It got stung (República Z), a program in which he is a panelist.

This discharge from the host of the streaming program was born because the former participant of Big Brother (Telefe) did not go to work all last week. However, as the doctor had explained, Telefe had removed her from all programs as a result of a controversial tweet she madewhere production was affected.

In any case, apparently, the sanction had been lifted so that he could participate in the La Tora and Diego Poggi programme, as well as in the reality show debates. Although it is unknown whether he had been allowed to go to work and, on his own, he had decided to miss work.

For that reason, Gastón, upon seeing a photo of Catalina with Florencia Regidor and Virginia Demo, said very spicy: “And here we have the girls. Cata that nailed us to go to All Access all week and misses work in Se picó. You can automatically be dismissed“.

What happened with the sanction against Catalina Gorostidi?

The former reality show contestant made a live broadcast on her Instagram account and said: “There are many things at stake. A person’s mental and physical health is much more important than anything else. And I’m trying to take care of the little mental health I have left, so I decided not to go (to the gala on Sunday, June 30) and I posted that tweet, which had its consequences.“.

Those consequences were a phone call telling me that I could not attend the debate on Monday (July 1). I’m going to say it because a lot of things were said. They asked me not to go as a punishment for not having gone on Sunday. I just said that for my mental health I was not going to attend the gala. It seems that it was a rather controversial tweet…”, he continued. (Video X: @TronkOficial).

“And as you may have noticed, I wasn’t going to either He got stungwhich is where I work and where I was hired. They also removed me from all Telefe streams“, the doctor revealed.

“We put ourselves in a competition, but I’m not going to let anyone trample on me. There are preferences, but we all made this Big Brother, we all have the same rights. Yesterday I received a call asking me to go to the gala and I think it was more to stop people from talking about this and not because they wanted me to go to the debate.“, he assured.

“It’s very disappointing, one suffers a lot with some things, especially when one was respectful with the production. I decided not to go on Sunday and it cost me censorship from the Telefe production, but not from Kuarzo.“, Catalina concluded.


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