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Gåte considered withdrawing from Eurovision “until the last second”.


Norway’s Eurovision representatives Gåte considered withdrawing from the competition “until the last second,” reveals guitarist Magnus Børmark (second from the right). Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

Of NTB | 13.05.2024 18:19:38

Culture and entertainment: – Retiring was on the block until the last second. We eventually had constructive talks with the EBU. Things were just good enough for it to be implemented, he adds Aftenposten.

Børmark believes that the artists were forced into a political role, and experienced that they were used in a propaganda machine. This year’s final was highly contested as Israel was allowed to participate despite the war in Gaza. There were several large protests ahead of the final where people called on the EBU to ban the country.

– It seemed as if there was one set of rules for Israel, another for the rest. There is something wrong when you experience it. The artists will not have to have a crisis meeting with the EBU, he says.

Børmark also criticizes the security arrangement around Israel, which according to him came across as not peaceful. At the same time, he distances himself from the criticism the band has received from the Palestinian side in the conflict.

– We are not in favor of infanticide in the Gaza Strip because we are participating in Eurovision. Nor are you if you watch a singing competition.

Gåte eventually finished in last place in the final with only 16 points.

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