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– Get more tools in the fight against crime


A soldier stands guard at a polling station as Ecuador’s people vote on proposals to give the government more funding to fight organized crime and violence in the country. One of the proposals is to be able to deploy the military against criminal gangs. Photo: Cesar Munoz / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 22.04.2024 04:30:24

Policy: In a statement on social media, President Daniel Noboa looks set to claim victory in the vote, even though fewer than 20 percent of the votes were counted.

The referendum is primarily about measures to overcome gang crime and the extensive violence that ravages the country. This applies, among other things, to stricter penalties for terrorism and drug trafficking and that the military can be used in the fight against the gangs. Earlier this year, Noboa, which has declared war on the gangs, introduced a state of emergency precisely to allow the army to assist the police.

Ecuador used to be one of the most stable countries in Latin America, but in recent years the country has spiraled into violence, triggered by several drug cartels. The number of murders is increasing sharply, and a dozen politicians have been killed in the past year. In just one month, three mayors have been killed, and on election day itself, a prison director was killed.

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