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Giro d’Italia | Traksel and Van den Bos rave about Van Dijke – “Without him, Kooij wouldn’t have succeeded”


Both Jip van den Bos and Bobbie Traksel were lyrical about van Dijke’s work. “You can say that his work was crucial. It is actually really great how Tim van Dijke and Mick van Dijke have functioned as real lead-out men for Kooij in recent years,” says Traksel.

He continues. “Kooij will go to the Giro and Mick and Tim van Dijke will not be fielded, because we have better riders such as Wout van Aert or perhaps Christophe Laporte, but due to the disappearance of those men, Tim van Dijke will be back in the race and he should just sitting there. He does this job with 100% dedication. Really a big compliment, because without him this would not have been possible,” concludes Traksel.

Van den Bos agrees. “He says himself: ‘I’m just dropping him off at the right place’, but that’s all. Because he’s in Jonathan Milan’s wheel, he wins that sprint. I also think that if you say: ‘I’m sure that Kooij will win a stage, within a team where so much goes wrong, very important,” said Van den Bos.


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According to Traksel, the real will to win also played a major role in yesterday’s success. “You can have as many high-quality lead-outs in your team, but men like Tim and Mick van Dijk give 200% for their leader Olaf Kooij.”

They dream, so to speak, of winning. This is a dream come true for him. It’s really super important to have that in your team and you have to respect that,” said Traksel.

Today is a rest day in the Giro, but tomorrow (Tuesday) the peloton will continue the race. The tenth stage is a relatively short one from Pompei towards Bocca della Selva with an uphill finish and some treacherous mountains in between.

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