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Gladys La Bomba Tucumana received the marriage proposal, and told why she refused: “Now it is not a priority”


Gladys La Bomba Tucumana rejected her boyfriend’s marriage proposal Luciano Ojeda andbecause he felt that it was not the time, and he suffered a lot with the relationship they both had.

Pepe Ochoa revealed on air in LAM (America TV) what happened: “They made a marriage proposal to Gladys. “Her boyfriend Luciano Arturo Ojeda and she did not answer him anything,” and caused an abrupt silence in the studio.

“But how come you didn’t answer him? “Was he in person?” Ángel de Brito consulted. And he answered: “He told her ‘hey, I want to marry you’, and Galdys tells him ‘I have to think about it, I don’t know if it’s time’.”

However, it should be noted that she was very present in the couple since her boyfriend was very sick, he has been fighting abdominal cancer for 2 years now. Thus, by Luciano’s decision, they separated (to go through the illness alone), and soon returned.

“He comes from a difficult situation.” “She suffered a lot at the beginning of this relationship when he left her doing what she could, poor thing,” highlighted Nazarena Vélez. In addition, Pepe Ochoa ended on the relationship between both: “What they tell me is that they are going to get married but she doesn’t want to make a decision now because she says she prefers to wait. “They separated for a while and came back.”

What did Gladys La Bomba Tucumana say after the marriage proposal?

Finally, the singer spoke with Teleshow, and launched: “He proposes to me every day of my life, all the time he wants me to be his wife. Today it’s not something I want to do right away, and for now, mmm, I don’t think so. Luciano has been asking me to get married for a while, but For now I think it’s not the time. He continues doing treatments, and I accompany him.”

And Gladys La Bomba Tucumana finished: “When he started chemotherapy treatment, we were going to get married, I wanted to with all my heart, but we separated for a while… today we are together, I accompany him. Now marriage is not a priority. He is still undergoing treatment: dialysis and check-ups to see how the tumor I had turned out.”

What happened to Bomba Tucumana’s boyfriend?

In July 2023, the famous woman visited LAM (América TV) and broke down when she revealed that her boyfriend was in poor health: “We had a love story like never before in my life. It’s the first time I truly love someone, and I had the misfortune and so did he, that he got sick and wanted to go through his illness alone. He is sick and doesn’t want anyone accompanied him and I am very broken, dead in life.

Finally, he revealed what illness his partner suffers from: “He is sick with cancer. He is only 37 years old and it is something totally strong that I never imagined could happen. The only thing that does me good and saves me is going to sing”.

With tears in her eyes, the singer declared: “I have every faith that it will heal, that it will heal, and that we will be together again.”

“He had a tumor that was grabbing an organ that was his kidney, on top of that it is monorail. He is doing his chemotherapy with a lot of difficulties, unfortunately for us. He was very hard because he has a kidney that is failing, it is a complication. I was able to accompany him during his last chemo, but we are praying a lot,” he had detailed. Gladys La Bomba Tucumana in another interview.

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