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Gladys La Bomba Tucumana strongly supported the management of Javier Milei: “I trust this president”


Gladys La Bomba Tucumana visited Having lunch with Juana (El Trece), and showed his firm support for the management of Javier Milei, This occurred after the talk at the table about the massive march of students in defense of public education. For his part, he made it clear that he does not support any political party but rather wishes the good of the Argentinian republic.

“From my humble opinion, as an Argentine that I am and that I work in this country, to which I thank because I have always worked very well, every day we find out about some fact that we did not know. How did this thing happen that we invented “This to pay for that? We lived like this for years.” the former Bailando participant began.

What did Gladys La Bomba Tucumana say about Javier Milei’s management?

Based on the criticism received by all the actors about this management, the singer gave him a vote of confidence: “I trust and have faith in this president. I, at least from my place as an artist, never take the side of any party because I am Argentine. I am a working woman who has broken my soul since I can remember and I “The only thing I wish for my country is that there are no more poor people,”

Regarding poverty he referred to: “That children do not suffer many things that I went through in my childhood and that I remember. I see that today. I would like it not to happen anymore. It is a rich country and I want them to know how to manage it. Why do politicians have to steal from us? in the face and we don’t know anything?”

Gladys the Tucumán bomb in favor of Javier Milei
Gladys La Bomba Tucumana in Lunch with Juana

FinallyGladys La Bomba Tucumana He closed the topic by stating that he wants the best for the country, and that he has faith in this new management.

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