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Gladys La Bomba Tucumana’s heartbreaking story about her boyfriend’s health: “He is tired of suffering”


Gladys La Bomba Tucumana He opened his heart and broke when talking about the health of her boyfriend, Luciano Ojeda, who has cancer.

“Luciano is 37 years old and he did a post-covid study for work, because he has a degree in hygiene and safety and the job asks him to do it. And there, In that checkup, it turns out that he had a huge tumor inside his abdomen., but I didn’t have any symptoms. And they operate on it immediately. So far he has four operations of the same“said the singer in very morning (The thirteen).

And he added: “The check-ups are done again, we come back from vacation, the check-ups are done in January and when I came back I had an 8 kilo tumor, just as if nothing had happened, in four months. And there they half evicted him, half they told him, I don’t know, it was already the second operation“.

Then when Carmen Barbieri asked her if it was true that at one point in their relationship they had separated at his request, Gladys recalled: “Yes, He left me because he was sick. I remember that I had gone on tour to Tucumán and, chatting on the phone, he half told me and when I came back, because I already knew that he had to start treatment and they had already given him hope in the Clinics Hospital, The doctor who treated him half told him ‘go home and die’, a vibe like that, without any hope. And he said ‘this girl doesn’t deserve to suffer for this’ and he left me“.

He didn’t want me to see him going through chemo.. When I came back he was already gone, he had taken his things. We were separated for four months. He had already started chemo, he was on the second one. AND I had such a bad time during those four months, I suffered so much, I begged God and him so much to let me be by his side.. “That he would then do whatever he wanted, but that he would let me accompany him,” the artist expressed through tears.

“Now he had some checkups and it seems that some things are coming… He’s tired of suffering, poor thing. He is dialyzed, he has only one kidney. “You don’t have to give up,” she concluded, moved. The Tucumán Bomb.

What happened to Gladys La Bomba Tucumana’s boyfriend

In July 2023, the famous woman visited LAM (América TV) and broke down when she revealed that her boyfriend was in poor health: “We had a love story like never before in my life. It’s the first time I truly love someone, and I had the misfortune and so did he, that he got sick and wanted to go through his illness alone. He is sick and doesn’t want anyone accompanied him and I am very broken, dead in life.

Finally, he revealed what illness his partner suffers from: “He is sick with cancer. He is only 37 years old and it is something totally strong that I never imagined could happen. The only thing that does me good and saves me is going to sing”.

With tears in her eyes, the singer declared: “I have every faith that it will heal, that it will heal, and that we will be together again.”

“He had a tumor that was grabbing an organ that was his kidney, on top of that it is monorail. He is doing his chemotherapy with a lot of difficulties, unfortunately for us. It was very hard because he has a kidney that is failing, it is a complication. I was able to accompany him during his last chemo, but we are praying a lot,” he had detailed. Gladys La Bomba Tucumana in another interview.

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