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Gonzalo Valenzuela canceled the marriage with his partner, weeks after receiving a complaint of abuse


Gonzalo Valenzuela he canceled his marriage to Kika Silva after the harassment complaint he received against him two weeks ago.

The Chilean actor was planning his party, “They had the Alterio Club as their location, very packaged, it is very exclusive and very expensive. He went to the place, He wanted to exchange and they told him no.“.

As explained by Guido Záffora in Intruders (America), “this place does not need agreements, politicians get married, the jet set, it is very high up.” However, “Gonzalo got angry with these people and decided to cancel the wedding because they were looking for a location”.

In this way, the journalist assured that “Kika herself is going to be in charge of organizing her wedding because the topic is very heated there in Chile because many things are being said.

In this way, it is stipulated that the suspension of the marriage between Gonzalo Valenzuela and his partner has little to do with the complaint that was made public.

Who is Kika Silva

Kika Silva is the new love of Gonzalo Valenzuela and many wondered who is the woman who conquered the Chilean, so much so that she even managed to marry him in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas.

She is a 31-year-old Chilean model and host. The beautiful blonde began her career in the artistic medium at a very young age, when she decided to go to Mexico to look for opportunities in the world of modeling and she managed to appear in Vogue Latin America.

However, Silva He returned to his native country to see if he could get into television and finally he did. Her first appearances on the small screen were with advertisements and as an extra in the series. Single again.

kika silva
Kika Silva

Driving came into his life when he had the opportunity to cycle Escape Route and in 2014 he also ventured into panelism with the program Knock Show, later he was in Every man for himself and welcome.

In 2017, Kika was crowned Queen of the Viña del Mar International Song Festival, during the 58th edition. The model was living in the United States for a while, but after confirming her romance and now her marriage to Gonzalo Valenzuela, Silva He assured that he will return to live in Chile.


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