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Good reasons for intervening with the forced wage board


MDG party leader Arild Hermstad understands that it is perceived as boring for those who now have to call off the strike, but understands that the government intervened in the Akademiker strike with a forced wage board. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle / NTB

Of NTB | 03.06.2024 00:03:09

Working life: The MDG leader says in an email to NTB that they basically support the strikers in Akademikerne, and that he understands that it is sad for those who now have to call off the strike.

– But I also believe that there were good reasons for the Minister of Labor to intervene with the compulsory wage board, says Hermstad.

On Sunday evening, the government called off the academics’ strike. According to Labor and Inclusion Minister Tonje Brenna (Ap), the reason is that the extension of the strike from Monday would mean that the National Security Authority (NSM) could not take care of critical tasks in the event of unwanted incidents.

– The strike action in NSM could threaten life and health and the country’s security, and then it is Brenna’s responsibility to intervene and make such a difficult assessment, says Hermstad.

He still believes that this does not prevent the Academicians from being able to keep their collective agreement. It was only the academics’ strike that ended on Sunday. Unio continues – and steps up from Monday.

– In any case, I hope Unio does not give up until they get a breakthrough from the government for their strike demands to keep their own collective agreement with the state, says the MDG leader.

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