Guillermina Valdés separated from Joaquín Furriel and revealed the reasons: “It didn’t work out”

Guillermina Valdés separated from Joaquín Furriel and revealed the reasons: “It didn’t work out”

Guillermina Valdés separated from Joaquín Furriel and revealed the reasons: “It didn’t work out”

Guillermina Valdes and Joaquin Furriel They separated a few months after having revealed their romance and she explained the reasons.

Angel de Brito presented the enigmatic in LAM (America TV) and, after revealing it, he gave the floor to Fernanda Iglesiaswho contacted the businesswoman.

They have been separated for 20 days. I spoke to Guillermina on the phone. She explained to me what had happened, He told me that they had a beautiful year, that it was not because of third parties in discord or because of distance.because he is working in Spain,” said the journalist.

“He told me that they were getting to know each other, that everything was fine, and he said to me like this: ‘We took advantage of all the moments we could be together, but it didn’t work as a couple. I love him, I will always speak well of him. It was all in harmony. I will speak well to anyone who asks me about him because he is an extraordinary guy.‘”, added the panelist.

How Guillermina Valdés and Joaquín Furriel met

At the beginning of August 2023, Yanina Latorre He brought the news of the alleged romance to LAM (América TV) in an enigmatic way. After giving several clues for the little angels to guess, he revealed that love was born between Guillermina Valdés and Joaquín Furriel.

On Saturday afternoon, she left his apartment, they saw her and told me. His address, where she lives, is not far from where she is. Actor, dark-skinned, light-eyed, he doesn’t like the media, he’s cool, he’s a great actor, he’s doing a series and he had several ex-wives who were actresses,” he said enigmatically, and then revealed: “I sent someone to stand guard, but I didn’t get a picture. It seems that they didn’t see each other today. She is Guillermina Valdés and he is Joaquín Furriel, he is alone and has a daughter with Paola Krum.“.

“The couple is beautiful no matter how you look at it. One child between them… I don’t know if because of their age they want to have more children,” Yanina said.

After speculation, the actor confirmed the relationship in October in a conversation with The nation: “We’ve been together for a few months, getting to know each other. I have nothing more to say. We both know that getting to know someone takes time.. Today I don’t feel rushed because we’ve been at it for a few months now. It has my same values ​​and I like that a lot“.

After a while, Joaquin Furriel gave a note for Partners of the Show (The thirteen) and revealed that met the model at the Lollapalooza and they started talking some time later: “We chatted for a little while, then I had to go filming outside of Argentina and when I came back we met. five months ago“.

“We had several months until recently, that We decided to protect privacy, it is something we like a lot and it is very important.“I value it a lot,” he said regarding why it took them so long to reveal the romance publicly.

In turn, the Argentine actor said that there was a family presentation: “I already knew his children, from also crossing them in the Lollapalooza. Our children are very important to us, and we already know them as adults.“.

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