Monday, June 17, 2024

Gustavo Sylvestre was blunt when asked about Diego Brancatelli: “I have no relationship”


Gustavo “Gato” Sylvestre was subjected to a “ping pong” of questions to give his opinion on other journalists, and surprised when he referred to Diego Brancatelli.

What Gustavo Sylvestre said about Diego Brancatelli

The driver of M1 (C5N) visited the streaming of Angel de Brito, Angel Responds (Bondi), and when asked about Brancatelli he stated: “I have no relation. We have never crossed paths… “I’m loyal to the people I love, but we never cross paths with him.”

“Really? I thought they were friends, that they played soccer and ate barbecue… You don’t like him, I know you. I can’t believe it,” said De Brito.

It is worth mentioning that both Sylvester as Brancatelli they work in C5Nin different shows, but apparently they get along badly.

In another part of the “ping pong”, the journalist was asked about Eduardo Feinmann and he was sincere: “He is a great friend. I don’t understand why it is surprising that even though we think differently we can be friends and respect each other. We are friends of journalism, of life.”

When they put a picture of Viviana Canosaexpressed: “I was surprised that she criticized me a lot… I don’t criticize my colleagues. When she was fired from A24 I sent her a private message, but she never answered me.”

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