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Halleland responds to 1 May attack


Terje Halleland PHOTO: E. Solberg / Radio Haugaland

Of Egil M Solberg | 05/01/2024 12:15:40

Policy: In the speech, the Rødt leader strongly attacks the right and accuses them of being responsible for the high electricity prices.

She accuses the right of running a ring around the European power exchange. Norway exports renewable hydropower and imports high European electricity prices, she insists.

– Conservatives and Liberals say that it is urgent to introduce the EU’s fourth energy market package. And even if the FRP pretends to be against it, we must remember that it was the FRP’s top politicians and energy ministers who were beaten through the EU’s third energy market package and Acer, says Martinussen further.

Now she promises to fight against the EU’s fourth energy market package and Acer.

Halleland answers

– There is a very big difference between the 3rd energy market package from 2018 and today’s fourth energy market package, points out Halleland.

The Supreme Court has ruled that Acer did not influence the price of power after the third energy market package was adopted.

– The fourth energy market package, on the other hand, is much more detailed and leading for Norway, and the FrP says no to that package, emphasizes Halleland.

The FrP politician believes Rødt is a party that wants the state to take over ownership of all power production in Norway and that the politicians should decide future prices. This will lead to higher electricity prices, warns Halleland.

– They want to go back to before the changes in the Energy Act in the nineties and the prices for electricity were decided by the local councils around and were very expensive. The FrP strongly distances itself from that. FrP wants to increase power production, reduce prices and increase value creation in Norway, concludes Halleland.


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