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– Happens as a result of bad behaviour


Massimiliano Allegri is finished as Juventus coach. Photo: Marco Alpozzi / LaPresse via AP / NTB

Of NTB | 17.05.2024 17:50:21

Sport: The club informs about the move in its media channels Friday.

Allegri has been in a vulnerable position for some time after the Torino club have taken just 15 points from their last 15 league games. That has prompted Juventus management to replace him despite the team winning the cup final 1-0 over Atalanta on Wednesday.

In overtime, Allegri raged when Danilo was denied a free kick. When the referee showed him off, he gave an ironic thumbs up before taking off both his suit jacket and tie on his way away from the bench.

“The dismissal comes as a result of unsavory behavior during and after the Italian Cup final which the club considered incompatible with the values ​​of Juventus,” the statement said on Friday.

The cup triumph is Juventus’ first title in three years, and Allegri also became the first coach to win the Coppa Italia five times.

There are two league rounds left this season and Juventus are currently in fourth place on points with Bologna in front. That separates four points down to Atalanta in 5th place.

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