Thursday, June 20, 2024

Hareides Island defeated England in the dress rehearsal before the EC


Jón Thorsteinsson was the match winner against England. Photo: Kin Cheung / AP Photo / NTB.

Of NTB | 07.06.2024 22:43:18

Sport: Jón Thorsteinsson became the big hero of the match when he scored the only goal of the match after 12 minutes.

England thus ended the run-up to the EC with only one win in four games. It came at home against Bosnia on Monday.

The British are nevertheless one of the biggest favorites to be able to adorn themselves with the title of European champions after this summer’s championship.

England have been drawn in Group C along with Denmark, Serbia and Slovenia. Gareth Southgate’s men open the EC against Serbia on June 16.

Hareide has led Iceland since April 2023, but was unable to secure EC play with the blue jerseys.

Iceland ends the national team gathering by also being the Netherlands’ opponent in their dress rehearsal on Monday.

The European Football Championship is played in Germany between 14 June and 14 July.

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