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Harsh words, but little new, in the first election duel between Sunak and Starmer


Labor leader Keir Starmer arrives at the televised debate with Rishi Sunak on Tuesday night. Photo: Jon Super / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 06/05/2024 07:33:02

Policy: Many of the questions Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Opposition Leader Keir Starmer were asked were about the everyday challenges Britons struggle with: the cost of living crisis, long queues in the healthcare system and lower quality in the education system.

Neither the conservative Sunak nor Labour-Starmer had new policies to offer the voters, but an opinion poll shortly after the debate gave Sunak a narrow victory – 51 per cent thought he did the best in the debate, while 49 per cent answered Starmer.

– Keir Starmer asks you to give him a blank check without saying what he will buy with it or how much it will cost, Sunak said in his closing comments, while Starmer replied:

– I will never come up with the tricks or unfunded promises that Sunak comes up with. Imagine how you would feel if you woke up on July 5th to five new years with the Conservatives.

The UK election is on July 4.

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