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– Have the margins with us


Stefan Johansen celebrates together with Pawel Chrupalla after the 1-2 scoring during the elite series football match between Molde and Sarpsborg 08 at Aker Stadium. Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvåg / NTB

Of NTB | 20.05.2024 19:11:07

Crime and justice: – We have the margins with us today. We suffer through some periods in the match, said Sarpsborg coach Stefan Billborn to TV 2 after the triumph.

Pawel Chrupalla, Stefan Johansen and Sondre Ørjasæter scored the goals for the visitors in what was a solid revenge after a particularly turbulent week.

The ugly 1-7 defeat at home against HamKam on May 16 was followed by a four-hour internal crisis meeting. According to the club, the aim there was to discuss how to turn around a demanding sporting situation.

That session was followed by reports in the media about an unwanted incident connected to the May 17 celebration of two players. Sports manager Hampus Andersson told TV 2 afterwards that the matter had been handled internally.

– It is frustrating that we fall through as we do. Last year I was the world’s best coach, but this year I should be fired after three rounds, some thought. It’s not always logical, Billborn continued.

On Monday, the players let their legs do the talking to some extent, and it resulted in a performance that was obviously the best of the year by a fully-fledged Sarpsborg team.

Instead, Molde equalized at the opposite end of the pitch midway through the half. Halldor Stenevik outwitted Sarpsborg goalkeeper Marko Ilic from an angle.

Stefan Johansen led the way for Sarpsborg on Monday and also got on the scoresheet when the vardøværing’s free kick changed direction in the aforementioned Stenevik and outmaneuvered Molde goalkeeper Albert Posiadala.

– It is unforgivable what I do on the 2-1 score, but it is also misjudged, because it should never be a free kick in the first place, Stenevik told TV 2 during the break.

The performance of Sondre Ørjasæter was far better when the few Sarpsborg supporters who had made the trip to Molde had more to cheer too early in the second half. The winger cut in from the edge and swung the ball around goalkeeper Posidala to make it 3-1.

At the end of the day, a highly debated situation arose. Molde wanted a penalty when Anders Hagelskjær went to the ground in the box. In the subsequent counterattack, Sondre Ørjasæter scored 4-2 for the visitors.

Referee Marius Lien was asked to assess the penalty situation by the VAR room, but decided that his decision should stand. Thus it was an away win.

Sarpsborg came to Molde with a miserable start to the season behind them. Seven points was the conclusion. The strong away win was only the third three-pointer in 2024.

Molde, on the other hand, falls to fourth place in the table with the surprising loss.

It only took ten minutes for Pawel Chrupalla to send the visitors into the lead in Molde with a great finish. A few seconds later it could have quickly been 2-0, but Danish Henrik Meister’s header went straight to the side for the goal.

Molde captain Magnus Wolff Eikrem has been delivering goals to order lately and didn’t deny himself on Monday either. The reduction to 2-3 after 61 minutes gave new nerve to the match.

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