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Hegg and Halvorsen to the final in the Olympic exercise 50 meter match in the World Cup


Jon-Hermann Hegg with EC gold in the 50 meter match during the EC shooting. Now he is ready for the World Cup final in Munich. Photo: Norwegian Sports Shooting Association / handout / NTB

Of NTB | 06.06.2024 13:13:02

Sport: The two Norwegian shooters finished as the second and third best shooters in the qualification with 595 and 594 points. It was two and three points up to the best man, Chinese Liu Yukun. The Chinese touched the world record with his 597 points.

Match is one of the Olympic exercises in Paris and consists of 20 shots kneeling, 20 shots lying down and 20 shots standing. In the final, shooting is done standing up, and there the ten is graded from 10.0 to 10.9.

Jon-Hermann Hegg recorded 200 points on the kneeling and 199 on the lying, and he finished with 196 on the standing. There was a total of 595 points.

Liu Yukun had full scores in both prone and standing shooting.

Ole Martin Halvorsen also delivered his cases well and was the most consistent shooter with 198, 198 and 198 points.

Henrik Larsen didn’t get it to work. He shot 195, 199 and 190 points and finished far down the list.

The final is shot on Friday.

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