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Hernán Drago revealed that he spoke with Horacio Cabak about the possibility of being his replacement in La Jaula de la Moda


Hernan Drago He referred to the different versions that placed him as the next driver of The Fashion Cage after the dismissal of Horacio Cabak in that role.

The big question in the world of entertainment is about who will be the journalist’s replacement and, given the rumors, Intruders (America) wanted to consult with the protagonist. However, she assured: “I have not received any call offering me that place. In recent years, due to Horacio’s personal or work reasons, I have been called upon to replace him as driver and I have felt very comfortable.”

“My relationship with Horacio is very good. We have crossed paths at parades and I asked him for advice, I watched what he did as a driver. A few days ago I called him and made it clear to him that I didn’t have any proposals, I wanted him to know first-hand.“, commented the model about his relationship with Cabak.

Finally, he wanted to put a cold shoulder to the situation and wait for time to put things in their place: “Venturing to respond like this in a situation that I don’t know the internals of doesn’t seem right to me. “I don’t deserve the explanations, nor has he given them to me, nor the production company, nor the channel.”

Horacio Cabak pointed out against the production of La Jaula de la Moda

Horacio Cabak pointed out against the production of The Fashion Cage (Ciudad Magazine) for leaving him out of the program after 12 years and assured: “I did not resign.”

“Every time an interesting possibility came my way I said yes, but I never left a program. When I left a program it is because the program ended, because the contract ended, or when they kicked me out, like in Controversy at the bar“, he had stated at the beginning of March in dialogue with LAM (America TV).

I don’t know what it’s like to give up. I fulfilled all my contracts. I will never give up on you. Don’t give up on The Fashion Cage. When they called me from LN+, they asked me for exclusivity, and I asked them to continue with The Fashion Cage, if we don’t compete, and they told me ‘you’re right,'” he added.

Previously, when the rumor of his supposed resignation from the series came out, he had said in communication with Midnight Moskite (La Once Diez / City Radio): “My contact with Ciudad Magazine always ends in mid-December, and in February we renewed it, I think that in 15 days I will meet to see how we put it together, I did not resign“.

Luckily, the proposals I have this year are complementary, so I want to do everything, move forward with all my projects. I did not present any resignation to La Jaula de la Moda, “My idea is to host the program that is entering its thirteenth season,” he stated. Horacio Cabak.


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